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The best of the web on money, markets and all things financial, as chosen daily by Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick.

Don't hate me because I'm generous
Here's an argument that you can undermine relationships with family and friends by being overly generous. Apparently, people don't actually like extravagant generosity because it makes them feel inadequate.

Will you run out of money in retirement?
A review of a few different ways to gauge how much money you need in retirement.

The department of buy and hold
A study of a classic dividend growth stock, Procter & Gamble.

Meet Generation Squeeze
That's the name given to people 45 and under as a result of the way they're disadvantaged in today's world. According to this video , the government spends an average $45,000 per citizen over age 65 and an average $12,000 per person under 45. Interesting factoid: Two people working today barely earn more on an inflation-adjusted basis than one person back in 1976.

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