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Is trading stocks for suckers?Getty Images/iStockphoto

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"With houses, Canadians expect only gains"
Housing bear Garth Turner makes this important point in an analysis of our differing attitudes toward risk in the stock and housing markets.

The case for index investing
I never get tired of reading John Bogle's comments on why index investing is a smart choice for investors. He's clear, rational and very persuasive. Bogle founded the huge Vanguard Group of mutual funds in the United States. Vanguard has since branched out into exchange-traded funds listed on both the TSX and NYSE.

Is trading stocks for suckers?
Kind of, this video argues. The main argument: Short-term changes in the stock market are random and thus difficult to harness in a way that makes trading profitable.

Tips on buying a car
Jalopnik, a car enthusiast website where I have wasted a fair bit of time over the years, has created a new site with tips for car buyers. It's cleverly called CarBuying.

More money
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