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money matters

The best of the web on money, markets and all things financial, as chosen daily by Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick.

Watch out for these TFSA traps
Tax-free savings accounts are comparatively simple to understand and use, but there are still some points that trip people up. Here are a few of them.

Do you have an "if something happens" file?
If something happened to you, how would your spouse or family know where all your important personal and finance documents are? Here, you'll find a list of things you should put in an "if something happens" file. It's designed for seniors, but anyone can use it.

Thoughts for the frugal driver
A personal finance blogger explains why he's still driving his 2000 Mazda Protégé.

Here's a car that sells for under $10,000 in Canada.

Here's a list of the cheapest cars. U.S. prices are shown here, but you'll still get a good idea of the least expensive cars in the market today.

Money matters
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