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Medical expenses can add up. If you purchase medical insurance for a short trip or snowbird stint, it is considered a medical expense. Medical expenses are calculated based on income, so the lower-income spouse should claim them. And if you have to travel to obtain medical treatment, you may be able to claim the cost of transportation, meals and accommodation.

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Claim denied – the trouble with travel insurance
CBC reports on three cases where people bought travel medical insurance from banks and had their expensive claims denied.

Whatever happened to playing golf?
This BloombergBusinessWeek article says Americans are playing less golf, which means they're spending less money on golf equipment. I suspect something similar is happening here. Not too long ago, I was talking to someone who mentioned how the membership at his golf club was aging and not being replenished by young golfers.

Eight surprisingly fuel-efficient cars
They're good on gas, considering how big or powerful they are. Number one in this online slideshow is the Chevrolet Corvette, for example.

This housing market's in trouble
Not Canada. It's China that's being singled out in this article for being vulnerable to a housing correction. Why do we care here in Canada? Because a healthy Chinese economy is a big customer for our resources, and a major source of support for the global economy.

Checking in with Gen Y
We're running a week-long series that looks at how the young adults of Generation Y are doing in today's economy. You can follow the series here or on Twitter at #genYmoney.

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