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We all want to retire some day. But how do you know if you'll have enough socked away? How can you figure out what your expenses will be and what your pension will bring in? And will you still be carrying debt in your golden years?

Norm Collins, actuary and founder of Collins Financial Consulting, took your questions. You can replay the discussion by clicking on the live blog box below.

Mr. Collins believes it's important to keep an eye on your financial situation and strike a reasonable balance between spending, paying down debt and saving for your nest egg.

Please note that Mr. Collins is not a financial planner or financial adviser and cannot advise you on asset allocation. Instead, he can discuss the importance of monitoring your financial circumstances and suggest expense management and saving techniques.

Mr. Collins graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics from the actuarial program. He has served as an actuary with the Maritime Life Assurance Company, ultimately in the position of vice president, corporate finance. He was also vice president of finance for a transportation company before deciding to "mostly retire" and take on consulting assignments.

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