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Most of us have at some point gone the DIY route when it comes to home renos, whether for budgetary reasons or because we imagine we have a little touch of Mike Holmes or Sarah Richardson in us.

Sometimes the results are great. Sometimes they're questionable, like the value of tiling a kitchen floor in pennies, for example.

We've talked a lot about renos lately, how to pick the right type of reno, how to budget appropriately, and how to understand the value of different projects.

Now we want to hear from you. What are the best DIY projects that have added value to your home? How much did you spend and what sort of feedback have you gotten?

Take a photo of something amazing you've done on a budget, and send it to If you've got before and after pictures, send both. Then fill out the form below with your details, and we'll put the best submissions into a slideshow and publish them on our site for other readers to admire.