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Many Globe & Mail readers have been inspired by our Debt Diary series, where regular Canadians tell us how they got out of debt. Take Cait Flanders, the 27-year-old Vancouver woman who paid off almost $30,000 in consumer debt. Or this this B.C. couple who revamped their lifestyle to start repaying a $52,200 debt load. And now this 23-year-old recent grad, who is on track to repay $53,349 in student and car loans in the next two months.

They are remarkable stories – coming at a time when Canadian household debt is close to a record high and many of us are wondering how we are going to cope when interest rates eventually rise.

Now, we are asking you, our readers, to share your debt-reduction success stories with us. Were you drowning in consumer debt (excluding mortgages)? Have you paid it off? We want to hear from you.