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True or false: My home insurance covers water damage and spoiled food

Summer can take a toll on your home. Do you have the right insurance? Take this test, from

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From heat waves and flash floods to backyard celebrations, summer can take a toll on our homes. Do you have the proper insurance? And what are some of the common misconceptions?

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Installing a pool or hot tub won’t impact my insurance.


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If there is a power failure and the food in my freezer spoils, my insurance policy will cover the cost of the food.


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Water damage is covered under home insurance.


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If my friends get carried away at my barbecue party, either with alcohol or fireworks, I’m not responsible.


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I’m doing some upgrades to my home this summer – my home insurance covers any accidents or mistakes made by my contractor.


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Damage to my lawn or garden is covered under my homeowner's policy.


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Replacing an exterior wall or roof may change the classification of my policy.


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If I leave my home for an extended period of time while it's undergoing renovations, my policy is still valid.


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Damage caused by insects or rodents will be covered under my home insurance policy.


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