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Before and after photos of Home Cents blogger Shelley White's kitchen

To the left of our stove, we had a portable dishwasher that we rolled over to the sink when we needed to do dishes.Shelley White

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This was our main prep area. The cabinets were brown pressed wood that I painted, the countertop was mottled brown/cream laminate which I also painted. The backsplash was also the mottled laminate, so I glued on some faux "tin ceiling" and painted it too.Shelley White

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This wall had exactly one thing on it: a fridge. There was a kitchen table and chairs to the right.Shelley White

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The far high cabinet is now our main food pantry. I had originally wanted to go with tile flooring, but I think the hardwood really warms up the whites and greys.Shelley White

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We couldn't move our stove and sink without adding a lot to the budget, so we stuck with where they were originally and managed to sneak a dishwasher in between. We also elected not to add more countertop under the window (to the left of the stove) because it would have meant altering the size of the window and buying a new one.Shelley White

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There's not a lot of extra space here, but it's a functional space to do dishes.Shelley White

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This wall went from having just a fridge to a huge amount of storage space.Shelley White

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Here's our eating island. Beyond it is an office addition (done by previous owners).Shelley White

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Here's another look at the eating counter, which we use daily.Shelley White

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The south countertop provides lots of prep space.Shelley White

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The high cabinet is for long-term storage (it's less accessible because of the bar stools).Shelley White

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