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(Copyright Cedar Fair, L.P.)

Personal Finance Reader

Is there trouble ahead for the housing market? Add to ...

Welcome to The Globe and Mail Personal Finance Reader. I'm Rob Carrick, personal finance columnist at The Globe, and twice weekly I compile a list of articles, blog postings, videos and websites that represent the best of what the online world has to offer on money-related subjects.

I wonder if we're coming down to crunch time in the housing market or, at least, in Vancouver. Mortgage rates have risen a lot in the past month, pessimistic pronouncements are everywhere and online pranksters are on the case, big time. Last week, the Reader brought you the Crack Shack or Mansion game, where you try to imagine what $1-million buys you in the Vancouver market. This week, the Reader presents a video that turns Vancouver's housing market into a roller coast ride. You can catch up on past Readers here.

Interest rates, taxes and lots of investing analysis are also included here, plus advice for Mother's Day presents.

Found something on the Internet that your fellow investors might enjoy? Talk to me at rcarrick@globeandmail.com.

Globe and Mail Personal Finance Highlights

Discussion, Friday at noon (ET): Last-minute tax-filing advice - If you still haven't filed your taxes or have questions about your assessment, tax expert Cleo Hamel will be here to help.

You screwed up your taxes, now what? What to do when you've forgotten something, made a mistake or disagree with the assessment the taxman sends you.

Stressed about savings? Don't forget low-hanging fruit: Pre-retirees can leverage government benefits, burgeoning property values and lines of credit.

Must Reads From Around the Web

Dwelling on Housing Don't miss this clever video casting the Vancouver real estate market as a roller coaster ride to, well, you'll have to see for yourself. If you live in other cities where the housing market's been hot, pay attention.

The governor of the Bank of Canada sees a " marked weakening" in the housing market starting any time now.

The Canadian Mortgage Trends blog urges home buyers to be cautious.

Think Canada's immune to the kind of house market problems experienced in the United States? Here's an argument that trouble lies ahead for housing in this country.

Rate Watching When the U.S. Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates, it will signal that the global economic recovery is moving into high gear. Use this nifty web tool to keep an eye on when the experts see the Fed making a move.

I Owe, I Owe A comic called Breaking The Chains of Debt. If you or someone you know are deep in debt, here are the ABCs on getting help.

Tax Counter Attack The Canadian Capitalist blog rebuts a Fraser Institute report saying that tax burdens have increased dramatically since 1961.

Investorama A look at what's happened to tech stocks since they hit the wall a decade or so ago. As a sector, tech hasn't come close to revisiting its March, 2000, high.

The bond managers at Phillips, Hager & North are among the country's best. Here, they explain what rising interest rates mean to high-yield bond funds, which have been very popular in the past year or so.

Forbes.com put together this slide show about Warren Buffett's Top 10 stock holdings.

For Mom Enough with the gift cards. A list of thoughtful Mother's Day gifts.

Follow me on Facebook. I'm at Rob Carrick - Personal Finance.

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