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Dale of Barrie, Ont., renovated his own backyard for a total cost of $3,500.


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This picture was taken during Dale’s backyard renovation.


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Mark in Oakville, Ont., sent in these before and after pictures of the work he and his father-in-law did. “The only thing we paid for was taping the dry wall, a guy to tile, and some electrical,” Mark wrote. “Everything else was done by us. In this picture you see the wall between the kitchen and living room removed.”


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The total cost of the project was $60,000, half the cost of hiring a contractor to do the work.


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John Warde renovated his entire 5,000-square-foot home in Newmarket, Ont. Total cost: $140,000.

John Warde

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This is a bathroom in John Warde’s newly renovated Newmarket home. He writes: “With the exception of the electrical wiring, I did the entire project myself. It took two years working at least eight hours a day five days a week.”

John Warde

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This is the ensuite bathroom in John Warde’s home. He did the renovation work himself.

John Warde

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This is the ensuite bathroom in John Warde’s home.

John Warde

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This is the family room in John Warde’s Newmarket home.

John Warde

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Andreas Gierke did most of the work himself on this Ikea kitchen, which he installed in his cottage in Woodland Beach, Ont. He wrote: “The cabinets gave a good fit with the colours of the room and the maple floor. We did most of the work ourselves with a bit of help with our builder. The most fun I had was building the island myself.” The kitchen, including new appliances, cost $6,800.

Andreas Gierke

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Jeff Hughes renovated his bathroom himself using a variety of tiles ranging in price from 86 cents to $5 per square foot. He spent $150 on the tub, $370 on the vanity and $150 for a mirror (not shown).

Jeff Hughes

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Jeff Hughes used inexpensive tiles to redo his entryway.

Jeff Hughes

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Serge Gautron of Winnipeg spent $500 on this bathroom renovation. He fixed a plumbing leak, replaced the flooring and installed a new vanity and baseboard.

Serge Gautron

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