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Little girl stacking her coins.

Amid the last-minute RRSP dash, it's a question many are pondering. Should I invest in mutual funds and pay the fee they charge for a professional money manager; or are index-mimicking exchange traded funds - with their lower fees - the way to go. How about just buying stocks and bonds directly with an online broker to really save on ongoing fees?

We took a look at all three options and tried to reach some conclusions in this one-hour discussion with Gail Bebee on Tuesday. Gail is a personal finance and investing writer who aims to help Canadians better manage their money. She recently published the second edition of No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money, her popular book on investing basics for Canadians from the viewpoint of a savvy financial industry outsider. An honours graduate of the Canadian Securities Course, she also teaches courses on investment planning and speaks frequently on personal finance topics.

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