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Diane Labombarbe

Got a company or a sector that you want to buy into? Be sure to consider the tax implications before taking the plunge.

For example, if you're considering investing in a top-notch company, its shares or bonds might be equally highly regarded, but any dividend income and interest income will be taxed very differently -- so you might also want to think about whether to keep your investments inside or outside an RRSP.

Or if you're interested in getting into a particular sector, then it's good to know that an exchange-traded fund is taxed far more favourably than a mutual fund covering that industry.

How about tax-loss selling, or the dividend tax credit? And the best way to use TFSAs?

Got a tax-related question on your investments or investing technique? Ernst & Young tax accountant Gena Katz took your questions -- you can replay the discussion by clicking on the live blog box below.

Gena Katz, an executive director with Ernst & Young's tax group, has been part of the firm's tax practice since 1985, covering personal tax, financial planning, corporate tax and tax education. She has authored a number of business journal articles and is currently the tax editorial columnist for Advisor's Edge magazine and co-editor of the Personal Tax Planning column of the Canadian Tax Journal. She is also well known as the editor and author of Ernst & Young's Tax Guide: Managing Your Personal Taxes; An Ongoing Process.

Gena has spent three years serving as the assistant director, professional development for the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, where she lead the implementation of a major reform of the In-depth Tax course. She was also member of the Examinations Committee of Institute of Chartered Accountants Examination of Ontario and a member of the FPSC Examinations Committee.

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