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Retired and poor.

The best of the web on money, markets and all things financial, as chosen daily by Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick.

Nine paths to poverty in retirement
A list of money mistakes that can seriously affect your financial well being in retirement. This is a U.S. list (it refers to social security instead of the Canada Pension Plan), but it's quite relevant to Canadians as well.

Your financial toolkit
That's the name of a new interactive online resource on money and personal finance created by the federal Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, the Investor Education Fund and l'Autorité des marchés financiers. Among the topics you can learn more about here are mortgages, insurance, income taxes and retirement and pensions. Note: The information here is unbiased because they people providing it don't sell financial products.

Go long, or stay short?
A mortgage broker lays out the case for and against locking into a long-term mortgage at today's low rates.

RIM vs. Apple
A management consultant prepared this competitive analysis of Research in Motion versus Apple. Give it a read if you've been thinking of scooping up some beaten down RIM shares.

Those helpful banks
A blog post that tackles the question, Can you trust advice from your bank? The bottom line: Be wary.

More money
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