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You've probably read our blogs and the Eye on Equities daily summary of key analyst actions, but did you know that Globe Investor also has a wealth of analyst information on the stocks that matter to you?

Simply do a stock search by entering the name of a company or its trading symbol in the quote box at the top of the site. Click on the stock you want to research from the pulldown menu. (Or, if the stock is already on your Watchlist, simply click on the symbol or company name.)

You'll now be on the main stock summary page. Click on the "Analysts" tab, and you'll get an instant snapshot of the latest thinking on the Street.

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Here you'll see consensus ratings of a stock, since no individual analyst is right all the time, as well as the breakdown of how many are recommending buying and how many are warning investors to steer clear.

When it comes to doing more digging, look further below for the "Earnings & Estimates" section.

You'll find a breakdown, by quarter and by year, of analysts' average earnings expectations both in the past and in the future. We compare this to the actual earnings the company reported to calculate a positive or negative surprise. Those with a track record of upside surprises may be more desirable investments. You'll also find year-over-year changes in earnings to determine whether the company is actually growing its bottom line.

You can gain further insight into a stock in the section below this, called "Trends & Revisions."

Here, we show you how average analyst projections for earnings have changed over time and how many have revised their projections up or down.

All this information is updated daily, making this research relevant, even in volatile periods like earnings season.

It may also be useful to bookmark our Eye on Equities archive page, which gives succinct summaries of some of the most significant analyst actions on any particular day.

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We're always keen to receive your feedback on ways to improve our site. Feel free to drop us a line at

Darcy Keith

Web Editor, Globe Investor

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Darcy Keith is The Globe and Mail's Investment Editor. He has been a business journalist since 1992 and joined the Report on Business in 2010 from Yahoo! Canada, where he was the senior editor of finance. More

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