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Every couple of weeks I meet with the development team that works on this website. The agenda is simple: what can we build to make the website better? A lot of the suggestions come from the feedback you leave here, as comments on this blog, or sent to our customer-service team.

One such recommendation was for the new Watchlist tool on Globe Investor. You really liked the 24-hour flag in the old-style Stocklist, which highlighted news from the latest 24 hours. Well, last week we added that feature to the Watchlist too.

If an article is published in the last hour, it gets a bright orange flag telling you how many minutes ago it was published. That changes to display the number of hours as the article gets older, and we change the time stamp to a less prominent flag if the article is older than three hours. This feature is available in the Overview as well as the customizable "Build Your Own" view.

The goal of all of this is to let you see, at a quick glance, the news that affects your investments. If you haven't tried the new Watchlist yet, I invite you to give it a try. If you've given it a try and are still using the old-style Stocklist, we're constantly adding new features like the new flag. You may want to give it another trial.

Your feedback is always welcome about these changes and how Watchlist is working for you. Leave a comment here or email us at

Pierre Javad Digital Product Manager