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Welcome, new Watchlist users. Goodbye, Stocklist and Fundlist

We would like to welcome our old-style Stocklist and Fundlist users to upgrade to our Watchlist tool.

We are going to shut down the old-style Stocklist and Fundlist tools on December 4th for business reasons. The old tools work on an old and expensive software platform that we couldn't build new features on. These are features our readers had been asking for -- such as customization, universal registration, mobile apps, and others. Watchlist supports the new features, and we have received a strong positive response to them.

We cannot support both platforms, and letting the older, less adaptable one go was the natural solution.

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From December 4th, old-style Stocklist and Fundlist won't work any more. You will be diverted to Watchlist, from where you can still import your old lists to Watchlist.

We are here to help you through this change in every way possible.

If you want to convert your old Stocklist or Fundlist to a Watchlist, it is a quick, easy process:

If you have a Watchlist-related question that you'd like answered, please e-mail us:

We will also be holding a live, online discussions on Watchlist with our readers on Monday, December 5, at noon (ET). Please join us with your questions. Smartphone users, this link should work better for you.

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