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Get The Globe on the go

For all our coverage, keep up to date with The Globe while you're on the go with our mobile website and custom applications.

On the iPhone, download our application or search for "The Globe and Mail" in Apple's App Store.

On the BlackBerry, download our application or search for "The Globe and Mail" in BlackBerry's App World.

You can also get one-click access to The Globe and Mail’s mobile website from the home screen of your BlackBerry by downloading our shortcut.

The shortcut will appear as a red maple leaf icon in the [Downloads] folder of your device. From there, you can select to move it to the [Home] folder so it appears on your home screen.

Note: If you have a BlackBerry Storm, the shortcut will appear in the [Applications] folder and you can move it from there using the instructions above. If you have an older Curve device, the shortcut will appear on your home screen and there are no further steps.

To download the shortcut, please use this link:

To add a link to our mobile website on your iPhone, Tap the "+" sign in your web browser and select "Add to Home Screen"

Have thoughts about what the Globe should be doing on mobile? Contact us with your suggestions or issues by e-mail at