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Over the past few years, The Globe has been exploring new ways technology can help you stay in the know with our award-winning journalism. On July 30th, we launched a new audio feature that offers a new way to engage with our articles. Listen to most of our content whenever or wherever you want - you just need an internet connection. Whether you’re cooking dinner or on your commute, hit play and listen to your selected article read out loud. The new listening experience is available in English, French and Mandarin.

Built with the help of the Amazon Web Services team and their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services, we are the first in Canada to use Amazon Polly Newscaster, a text-to-speech service with real-time translation.

We are also launching new bookmarking functionality so that you can make an audio playlist out of saved stories.

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The Globe and Mail's new audio player.The Globe and Mail

Audio features:

  • Powered by AI Technology from Amazon Web Services
  • Natural sounding audio of most articles in English, French and Mandarin
  • Male or female voice options for English and French
  • Curate your own playlist by bookmarking select articles

How it works:

  • Create a free account to log in to
  • Select an article
  • Look for the listen icon to use the audio feature
  • Select voice type, language and press play
  • Save articles by clicking on the bookmarking icon to create your own playlist

Audio and bookmarking is only available to logged in users. Click here to register for a free account.

Audio is only available on articles published after June 1. Some other articles have been excluded for legal reasons.

For more information and technical support read our FAQs.