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Data analysis can provide insights into what lies beneath the surface, even before excavation.SUPPLIED

With inflationary pressures continuing to push up the cost of mining exploration and the outlook for metals and minerals remaining uncertain in the face of a still shaky global economy, knowing the potential risks – and rewards – of new or expanded mining development is crucial for companies striving to keep shareholders happy.

That’s where companies like Seequent come in to help clients determine the risks and rewards before committing to significant spending on new projects.

Seequent’s suite of data analysis software products can provide a high degree of insight in understanding what lies beneath the surface before excavation even begins, says John Vandermay, Seequent’s chief technology officer. “Our clients range from companies involved in mining, road and rail tunnel construction, groundwater detection and management, geothermal exploration and subsurface infrastructure mapping.”

Seequent’s solutions help clients find new ways to solve increasingly complex problems, manage risk and make informed decisions across the lifecycle of large-scale projects, adds Mr. Vandermay.

“As a society and as humanity, we are incredibly dependent upon what lies beneath the surface of the Earth, from minerals and metals and geothermal required to create energy to materials for electric vehicles and potable water for agriculture and people. Seequent’s advanced capabilities in geoscience and geoscientific methods provide the level of insight needed to know what’s beneath us,” he explains.

“As we look towards the future, I’m really excited about where we’re going and the initiatives we have underway,” adds Mr. Vandermay.

He notes that the company is focused in three initiatives: new capability through Seequent Evo, a cloud-based ecosystem that brings together teams and data in a single space with collaborative workspaces and secure and efficient data storage and hosting; a strong product plan to enhance solutions with innovations that will support customers to better understand the underground; and ongoing investment and leadership in software innovation, adding significant value to its subsurface software portfolio.

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