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Fisher Investments Canada Reviews and Produces Market Commentary

Fisher Investments Canada helps Globe and Mail readers bypass cognitive and behavioural biases that often distract investors from reaching their long-term goals and objectives.

At Fisher Investments Canada, we recognize staying disciplined through market volatility is one of the most challenging aspects of investing. Market volatility can be triggered by major financial news and events, or for no reason at all. Often accompanied by dramatized headlines, these fluctuations can prove to be challenging for even the most skillful investor.

Over the years, Fisher Investments Canada has reviewed many instances of investors struggling to stick with their long-term investment strategy during periods of volatility. Though this fear is normal, it can be potentially harmful when acted on. We believe that all investors can find greater opportunity when decisions are driven by logic rather than emotion.

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Breaking down the globe, in investing terms

Investing globally provides valuable opportunities to diversify your portfolio.

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Take a top-down approach to build your portfolio

With tens of thousands of securities in the investment universe, how do you decide which ones to own?

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How equity sectors potentially benefit investors

Global equity markets offer investors thousands of individual securities to choose from.

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One not-so-secret reason tariffs aren't destroying global trade

With so many ways to sidestep tariffs, it’s unlikely the economic impact will cause a global recession.

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Maintaining discipline in volatile times

If market ups and downs cause you to question your portfolio decisions, you likely aren’t alone.

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Global private-sector debt in perspective

Across most of the developed world, interest rates are plunging to record lows—including on corporate debt and mortgages.

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Corporate earnings: how should investors view them?

Throughout global financial news, corporate earnings regularly hog headlines.

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How markets deal with geopolitical risks

What do regional conflicts mean for global markets and how should long-term-growth investors approach them?

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Sentiment in a bear market

Whilst every equity bear market has different specific circumstances and details, we think many of them—including the current one—have some commonalities.

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Government spending for COVID-19 relief unlikely to tank stocks

Many governments around the world have approved large fiscal- and monetary-aid packages designed to alleviate the economic toll of COVID-19 containment measures.

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Dealing with financial anxiety during a market downturn

It starts with a stock market slump. Concern escalates to worry as you watch the financial news describe the precipitous drop—and speculate on a worsening outlook.

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Are you paying attention to the right risks?

Investing in stocks in volatile markets isn’t easy. Uncertainty and volatility can shake the faith of even the most optimistic and experienced investors.

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History says long-term investors should be optimistic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly every facet of daily life and shaken the faith of many investors.

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Investing secrets from big-money institutional investors

Some of the biggest, most-influential investors in the world—the so-called “smart money”—are institutions that have hundreds of millions or billions of dollars of investable assets.

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Three ways to stay grounded and focused on the long term during a crisis

Since February 2020, government responses to COVID-19 have roiled markets and precipitated a broad economic contraction.

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When you retire, you become your own chief financial officer

Unless you plan to hire someone to help manage your nest egg, retirement may present you with a new job.

How do investors hurt their long-term returns? Fisher Investments Canada Reviews Common Investing Errors

This happens in a variety of ways, but commonly by mistaking the beginning of a short-term drop for a longer downturn. Rather than staying disciplined to their long-term plan, investors often react to market news with potentially costly portfolio trades. As Fisher Investments Canada has reviewed historically, letting emotions influence investment decisions can have disastrous effects.

What can investors do to avoid these mistakes? Fisher Investments Canada Reviews How to Make Sound Decisions

We believe one of the best ways to overcome market volatility is to better understand it – and our reactions to it. Fisher Investments Canada reviews the latest financial news and produces robust and timely commentary designed to help investors understand negative cognitive biases and behavioural errors that can arise in response to daily financial events. Along with our unique insights on market movements, we hope this content provided through The Globe and Mail can aid investors in making clear decisions.

For additional perspective on financial news and events or how corresponding market volatility may impact your investment planning, be sure to return here regularly for Fisher Investments Canada’s reviews and insights. You can also enquire about Fisher Investments Canada’s offerings for investors by visiting our investing company homepage.

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Fisher Investments Canada manages billions of dollars’ worth of assets for thousands of clients across the globe. The firm helps clients by creating portfolios tailored to each individual’s unique financial situation and actively managing portfolios through all market cycles. Each client also works with a dedicated Investment Counselor, who helps them stay on track to meet their investing goals.

Working with Fisher Investments Canada gives individual investors access to the same market expertise the firm provides some of the world’s largest institutions. Fisher’s investment strategies are designed and managed by an Investment Policy Committee with over 100 years’ of combined professional investment experience. The company’s founder, Ken Fisher, leads the committee in making portfolio decisions, with a focus on interpreting widely known information differently to find investing opportunities across the globe.

Disclaimer: Investing in stock markets involves the risk of loss and there is no guarantee that all or any capital invested will be repaid. Past performance neither guarantees nor reliably indicates future performance.

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