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Globe Unlimited subscribers now can access Fundamental Valuation Reports for all North American stocks from StockCalc.

Each report provides comprehensive quantitative analytics for every stock trading in North America, enabling you to discover fundamentally undervalued or overvalued stocks using a proprietary valuation model.

StockCalc reports update daily and are exclusive to Globe and Mail subscribers. They are located in the centre of all stock profile pages, appearing alongside StockReports+ provided by Thomson Reuters.

StockCalc reports are provided by Patchell Brook Equity Analytics Inc. Founded and located in New Brunswick, they provide tools and data to enable clients to quickly calculate equity valuation for publicly traded companies. Globe Users can access a 30-day no restrictions free trial of their entire platform, followed by a $7 first month offer, using the Promo Code “Globe30”. Visit their homepage here to enter the promo code.

We hope you find ongoing enhancements to our investing tools useful.

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