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The Globe Investor Stock Screener is a tool to help sort thousands of Canadian and U.S. stocks to find investment ideas.

The following new features are now free for all readers:

  • Save Screener – build your own custom screeners and save for future use
  • Pre-screens – start quickly with 11 pre-made screeners

Here are the pre-screens you’ll be able to choose from:

Strong Volume Gains

Canadian stocks showing a strong volume gain from the previous session, and positive price and volume momentum over the past month.

Top Tech Stocks

Canadian computer and tech sector stocks making recent new six-month highs.

52-Week High Top Picks

Canadian stocks making a new 52-week high in the current session and exhibiting a greater than 10% price change over the past month.

Golden Cross

Canadian stocks whose 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average today. These stocks show significant strength in price for the long-term investor.

Hot Prospects

High performing Canadian stocks with a proprietary Barchart Buy TrendSpotter rating – plus strong support using technical analysis that is indicative of an upward trend.

RSI Overbought

20-Day RSI indicates these high volume Canadian stocks are in an overbought territory. When the RSI goes above the 70 level, the common interpretation is that the trend may reverse downwards.


Canadian stocks in a technical J-Hook pattern on a chart. The pattern is formed as part of up-trending price action that takes a little dip before resuming the trend.

Fundamentally Fine

Canadian stocks exhibiting strong market fundamentals, with strong sales growth, higher cash flow, and increased shareholder equity.

Dividend Prospects

Canadian dividend-paying stocks with strong momentum.

3-Day Bounce

Canadian stocks exhibiting bullish tendencies after a short-term down trend.

Top Penny Pops

Canadian penny stocks with the highest percent change and price moves over the last 5 days.

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