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Globe Investor is home to 250,000 readers who use online quotes to follow the markets. The following is a list of the most popular ETFs researched in the April-June quarter, compared to the first quarter of this year. This quote activity represents a good cross-section of Canadians and provides insight into the retail investor community.


  • The largest changes in activity were investors looking for leveraged exposure to banks and to profit from this sector’s recent volatility. The TSX Composite Banks Index (TXBA) is down 22% YTD.

11HNU-TBetapro Nat Gas 2X Daily Bull-80.40%-61.80%1.40%
23ZWB-TBMO Covered Call Canadian Banks2.00%7.70%0.70%
34ZWU-TBMO Covered Call Utilities-1.30%4.20%0.70%
45ZEB-TBMO S&P TSX Equal Weight Banks Index2.50%10.00%0.60%
52XIU-TIshares S&P TSX 60 Index5.60%7.30%0.20%
66HND-TBetapro Nat Gas 2X Daily Bear78.30%-8.50%1.40%
712VFV-TVanguard S&P 500 Index14.20%16.20%0.10%
88HOU-TBetapro Crude Oil 2X Daily Bull-29.20%-47.20%1.40%
99VDY-TVanguard FTSE CDN High Div Yld Index2.20%8.90%0.20%
107HHL-THarvest Healthcare Leaders Income1.70%6.80%1.40%
1110XEG-TIshares S&P TSX Capped Energy Index-5.30%5.70%0.60%
1216ZWC-TBMO CDN High Div Covered Call3.10%4.50%0.70%
1339ZWK-TBMO Covered Call US Banks-26.90%-4.90%
1415XEI-TIshares S&P TSX Comp High Div Index3.00%6.60%0.20%
1520XGD-TIshares S&P TSX Global Gold Index1.00%4.90%0.60%
1617ZAG-TBMO Aggregate Bond Index2.50%2.50%0.10%
1721PSA-TPurpose High Interest Savings2.40%1.50%0.10%
1818XBB-TIshares Core CDN Universe Bond2.70%4.10%0.10%
1924VGRO-TVanguard Growth Portfolio
2014NNRG-NENinepoint Energy Fund-9.90%42.10%
2133HCAL-THamilton Canadian Bank2.50%19.40%
2223ZLB-TBMO Low Volatility CAD Equity7.00%11.90%0.40%
2313HISA-NEHigh Interest Savings Account Fund2.40%1.80%
2422VBAL-TVanguard Balanced Portfolio6.80%4.50%
2525ZDV-TBMO Canadian Dividend3.20%6.80%0.40%

Source: Globe Investor, Fundata

The list is sorted by stocks with the most ticker look-ups on Globe Investor.
Data as-of EOD July 18, 2023

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