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Fundata provides Globe Investor readers a single, easy-to-understand measure to understand Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) quality through FundGrade scores from A-E.

Fundata recently awarded these 85 ETFs a ranking of A+ from 1,025+ Canadian products that have shown consistent, outstanding, risk-adjusted performance in up to 10 years of history.

BND-TPurpose Tactical Inv Grade Bond ETFGlobal Fixed Income1.32%-7.53%10/28/20154.134
CIF-TIshares Global Infrastructure Index ETFGlobal Infrastructure Equity6.38%6.14%8/27/20082.282
CVD-TIshares Convertible Bond Index ETFHigh Yield Fixed Income3.35%-3.72%6/14/20114.988
CXF-TCI First Asset CDN Convert Bond ETFCanadian Corporate Fixed Income4.70%-0.60%6/1/20115.003
DGR-B-TCI Wisdomtree US Quality Div Growth Index ETFU.S. Equity12.57%0.07%7/12/20161.544
DQI-TCI Wisdomtree Intl Qlty Div Gwth Var Hgd ETFInternational Equity6.58%-12.74%7/12/20163.8
DXC-TDyn Ishares Active CDN Div ETFCanadian Dividend & Income Equity10.16%-1.56%1/20/20171.852
DXO-TDyn Ishares Act Crossover Bond ETFHigh Yield Fixed Income2.98%-12.08%1/20/20175.293
DXP-TDyn Ishares Active Pref Shares ETFPreferred Share Fixed Income3.48%-15.52%1/20/20174.539
FCGI-TFidelity Global Monthly High Income ETFGlobal Neutral Balanced1.70%-4.70%1/7/20203.68
FCMI-TFidelity CDN Monthly High Income ETFCanadian Neutral Balanced1.17%-6.03%1/7/20203.777
FCQH-TFidelity US High Qlty Cur Ntrl Index ETFU.S. Equity12.77%-18.05%1/3/20191.128
FCUQ-TFidelity US High Quality Index ETFU.S. Equity14.25%-11.53%1/3/20191.061
FIE-TIshares CDN Fin Mthly Income ETFCanadian Equity Balanced6.53%-14.59%4/16/20107.318
FIXD-NEEvolve Active Core Fixed Income FundCanadian Fixed Income0.23%-12.56%3/29/20183.829
FLCP-TFranklin Liberty Core Plus Bond ETFCanadian Fixed Income-1.33%-12.17%7/8/20193.334
FPR-TCI First Asset Pref Share ETFPreferred Share Fixed Income4.54%-13.69%5/11/20164.564
HAL-THorizons Active CDN Dividend ETFCanadian Dividend & Income Equity8.78%3.17%2/9/20104.839
HAZ-THorizons Active Global Dividend ETFGlobal Equity11.15%-8.60%7/20/20103.391
HCRE-THorizons Eql Wght Can REIT Index ETFReal Estate Equity5.40%-17.46%1/23/2019
HEWB-THorizons Eql Wght Can Banks Index ETFFinancial Services Equity9.01%-10.35%1/22/2019
HFR-THorizons Active Floating Rate Bond ETFCanadian Short Term Fixed Income2.11%-0.55%12/10/20103.383
HURA-THorizons Global Uranium Index ETFAlternative Equity Focused25.68%-3.81%5/16/20191.451
HXQ-THorizons Nasdaq 100 Index ETFU.S. Equity15.72%-27.86%4/19/2016
HXT-THorizons S&P Tsx60 Index ETFCanadian Equity7.32%-6.29%9/14/2010
MCLC-TManulife Mltfactor CDN Large Cap Uh ETFCanadian Equity7.13%0.61%4/17/20173.81
MCSM-TManulife Mulfact CDN Smid Cap Idx ETFCanadian Small/Mid Cap Equity8.16%-4.05%11/27/20172.379
MKB-TMackenzie Core Pls CDN Fixed Income ETFCanadian Fixed Income1.31%-11.16%4/19/20162.867
NALT-TNbi Liquid Alternatives ETFAlternative Multi-Strategy8.18%8.58%1/15/20190.95
NUBF-TNbi Unconstrained Fixed Income ETFGlobal Fixed Income0.05%-6.96%9/12/201911.233
PSB-TInvesco 1 To 5 Yrladder Inv Grd Bd ETFCanadian Short Term Fixed Income2.04%-4.14%6/15/20113.137
PSY-TPwrshr Glb Sharehldr Yield ETFGlobal Equity8.79%-1.86%5/6/20153.063
PXC-TInvesco FTSE RAFI CAD Idx ETFCanadian Equity7.90%1.19%1/26/20123.477
QCH-NEMackenzie China A-Shares CSI 300 Index ETFGreater China Equity-0.14%-21.17%2/1/20181.816
QDXH-TMackenzie Intl Equity Index ETF CAD HgdInternational Equity3.71%-5.92%1/29/20183.019
QQC-F-TInvesco QQQ Index ETFU.S. Equity14.63%-33.48%6/16/20110.889
QTIP-NEMackenzie US TIPS Index ETF [Cad-Hedged]Global Fixed Income1.57%-12.36%2/24/20189.438
RBNK-TRBC CDN Bank Yield Index ETFFinancial Services Equity6.61%-12.71%10/19/20174.941
RIE-TRBC Quant EAFE Equity Leaders ETFInternational Equity3.96%-7.93%5/12/20153.387
RIT-TCI First Asset Canadian REIT ETFReal Estate Equity9.22%-20.64%11/15/20045.034
RQK-TRBC Target 2023 Corp Bond ETFCanadian Short Term Fixed Income1.79%-0.68%9/23/20162.754
RUD-TRBC Quant US Div Leaders ETFU.S. Equity12.40%-4.55%1/15/20141.969
TCSB-TTD Select Short Term Corporate Bond LaddCanadian Short Term Fixed Income1.63%-4.38%11/8/20182.726
THE-TTD Intl Equity CAD Hedge Index ETFInternational Equity7.37%-5.59%3/22/20163.447
TPRF-TTD Active Preferred Share ETFPreferred Share Fixed Income2.82%-14.68%11/8/20184.959
TQGD-TTD Q Global Dividend ETFGlobal Equity5.20%2.96%11/26/20193.893
VBAL-TVanguard Balanced ETF PortfolioGlobal Neutral Balanced3.74%-10.75%1/24/20183.016
VCE-TVanguard FTSE Canada Index ETFCanadian Equity7.84%-5.09%11/29/20113.285
VDY-TVanguard FTSE CDN High Div Yld Index ETFCanadian Dividend & Income Equity9.44%3.07%11/1/20127.708
VEF-TVanguard FTSE Dev AC Ex US ETF CAD HdgInternational Equity8.83%-0.38%11/29/20119.704
VEQT-TVanguard All Equity ETF PortfolioGlobal Equity8.48%-10.25%1/28/20192.863
VFV-TVanguard S&P 500 Index ETFU.S. Equity15.51%-12.68%11/1/20121.322
VGG-TVanguard US Div Appr ETFU.S. Equity13.27%-3.97%8/1/20131.347
VGRO-TVanguard Growth ETF PortfolioN/A4.90%-10.61%1/24/20182.86
VI-TVanguard FTSE Dev All Cap Na ETFInternational Equity6.65%-0.85%11/30/201510.553
VSC-TVanguard CDN Short Term Corp Bd ETFCanadian Short Term Fixed Income1.82%-4.30%11/1/20122.85
XEQT-TIshares Core Equity ETFGlobal Equity7.63%-11.54%8/7/20191.444
XEU-TIshares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETFEuropean Equity5.02%-11.48%4/22/20141.881
XGRO-TIshares Core Growth ETF PortfolioGlobal Equity Balanced3.59%-11.33%6/21/20071.515
XHB-TIshares CDN Hybrid Corp Bond ETFCanadian Corporate Fixed Income3.72%-9.28%9/22/20104.207
XIN-TIshares MSCI EAFE Index ETFInternational Equity3.67%-6.05%9/10/20011.815
XIU-TIshares S&P TSX 60 Index ETFCanadian Equity7.25%-6.36%10/4/19993.024
XMV-TIshares Edge MSCI Min Vol Can ETFCanadian Equity8.70%-1.92%7/24/20122.006
XQQ-TIshares Nasdaq 100 Index ETFU.S. Equity13.91%-33.83%5/9/20110.196
XSH-TIshares Core CDN ST Corp Maple Bnd ETFCanadian Short Term Fixed Income2.01%-4.55%9/13/20112.971
XSMC-TIshares SP US Small Cap Index ETFU.S. Small/Mid Cap Equity8.84%-11.07%9/4/20190.331
XTR-TIshares Diversified Monthly Income ETFCanadian Fixed Income Balanced4.36%-4.76%12/19/20054.617
XWD-TIshares MSCI World Index ETFGlobal Equity10.83%-11.88%6/23/20090.801
ZCON-TBMO Conservative ETFGlobal Fixed Income Balanced2.86%-11.36%2/15/20192.908
ZCS-TBMO Short Corp Bond ETFCanadian Short Term Fixed Income2.32%-4.51%10/20/20093.225
ZDB-TBMO Discount Bond ETFCanadian Fixed Income1.59%-11.95%2/10/20142.517
ZDM-TBMO MSCI EAFE Hedged To CAD Index ETFInternational Equity6.37%-5.56%10/20/20093.197
ZEB-TBMO S&P TSX Equal Weight Banks Index ETFFinancial Services Equity10.16%-10.38%10/20/20094.289
ZEQ-TBMO MSCI EU Hq Hcad ETFEuropean Equity8.88%-11.74%2/10/20142.612
ZGI-TBMO Global Infrastructure Index ETFGlobal Infrastructure Equity11.76%4.77%1/19/20103.014
ZGQ-TBMO MSCI All Cntry Wrld High Qlty ETFGlobal Equity11.29%-18.26%11/5/20141.386
ZGRO-TBMO Growth ETFGlobal Equity Balanced6.22%-10.53%2/15/20192.541
ZLB-TBMO Low Volatility CAD Equity ETFCanadian Equity11.81%-0.37%10/21/20112.663
ZLC-TBMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETFCanadian Long Term Fixed Income4.39%-19.11%1/19/20105.336
ZLU-TBMO Low Volatility US Equity ETF CADU.S. Equity14.80%7.98%3/19/20131.951
ZMP-TBMO Mid Provincial Bond Index ETFCanadian Fixed Income1.72%-9.98%3/19/20133.055
ZQQ-TBMO Nasdaq 100 Hedged To CAD Index ETFU.S. Equity14.33%-33.74%1/19/20100.449
ZUQ-TBMO MSCI USA High Quality Index ETFU.S. Equity13.31%-17.68%11/5/20141.025
ZWE-TBMO Europe High Div CC CAD Hedge ETFEuropean Equity6.04%0.10%9/9/20156.97
ZXM-TCI First Asset Morningstar Intl Momentum ETFInternational Equity8.10%-20.72%11/13/20145.539

Source: Barchart

Data as at Feb. 2 at 9 a.m. ET; Yields are calculated inclusive of compound dividend reinvestment (Total Return).