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Fundata provides Globe Investor readers a single, easy-to-understand measure to understand fund quality through FundGrade scores from A-E.

Scores are available within Globe Investor products including Watchlist, fund price quotes and the screener.

Fundata recently awarded these 62 ETFs a ranking of A+ from 1,216 listed in Canada that have shown consistent, outstanding, risk-adjusted performance in up to 10 years of history.

TICKERNAMETotal annualized
returns since
inception %
FCUQ-TFidelity US High Quality Index ETF26.64%38.31%1/3/20195.71
ETHI-THorizons Global Sustain Leaders Idx ETF26.05%21.97%11/1/20181.22
HXQ-THorizons Nasdaq 100 Index ETF25.72%26.19%4/19/20160
FCQH-TFidelity US High Qlty Cur Ntrl Index ETF25.65%32.50%1/3/20190.838
EDGE-TEvolve Innovation Index ETF24.92%26.27%5/2/201812.63
DXG-TDyn Ishares Active Global Div ETF23.45%16.99%1/20/20176.339
DXF-TDynamic Ishares Act Global Fin Ser ETF21.11%39.49%9/22/201715.182
CMAG-TCI Munro Alt Global Growth ETF21.08%9.06%1/23/20200
QQC-F-TInvesco QQQ Index ETF20.69%27.26%6/16/20110.658
XQQ-TIshares Nasdaq 100 Index ETF19.86%26.80%5/9/20110.17
ZQQ-TBMO Nasdaq 100 Hedged To CAD Index ETF19.67%26.75%1/19/20100.135
ZUQ-TBMO MSCI USA High Quality Index ETF18.48%26.10%11/5/20140.836
DRMU-TDesjardins RI USA Low Co2 Index ETF18.11%24.32%10/1/20181.095
FCIQ-TFidelity Intl High Quality Index ETF17.73%9.72%1/24/20195.215
ZGQ-TBMO MSCI All Cntry Wrld High Qlty ETF16.19%20.95%11/5/20140.894
DXC-TDyn Ishares Active CDN Div ETF13.70%32.88%1/20/20175.961
PBI-B-TPurpose Best Ideas Fund Non Hdg13.68%9.83%4/29/20140
DRMC-TDesjardins RI Canada-Low Co2 Index ETF13.27%29.96%10/1/20182.184
ZLB-TBMO Low Volatility CAD Equity ETF13.08%22.88%10/21/20112.387
ZXM-TCI First Asset Morningstar Intl Momentum ETF12.91%24.89%11/13/20141.588
ZGI-TBMO Global Infrastructure Index ETF12.36%26.37%1/19/20103.064
HBAL-THorizons Balanced Tri ETF12.01%14.63%8/1/20180.064
ZEQ-TBMO MSCI EU Hq Hcad ETF11.81%24.22%2/10/20141.783
RIT-TCI First Asset Canadian REIT ETF11.27%34.48%11/15/20043.817
IDR-TMiddlefield REIT Indexplus ETF10.29%35.39%4/20/20115.447
VDY-TVanguard FTSE CDN High Div Yld Index ETF10.16%36.73%11/1/20123.582
HCON-THorizons Conservative Tri ETF10.06%9.66%8/1/20180.087
VCE-TVanguard FTSE Canada Index ETF9.22%28.56%11/29/20112.673
FLBA-TFranklin Liberty Core Balanced ETF8.93%12.65%1/29/20182.133
HXT-THorizons S&P Tsx60 Index ETF8.62%27.99%9/14/20100
FPR-TCI First Asset Pref Share ETF8.15%21.93%5/11/20163.777
XIU-TIshares S&P TSX 60 Index ETF7.91%27.90%10/4/19992.432
DXP-TDyn Ishares Active Pref Shares ETF7.35%27.50%1/20/20173.371
XCG-TIshares Canadian Growth Index ETF6.89%17.85%11/6/20061.583
DXO-TDyn Ishares Act Crossover Bond ETF6.71%6.95%1/20/20175.92
ZLC-TBMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF6.64%-3.00%1/19/20104.105
QCH-NEMackenzie China A-Shares CSI 300 Index ETF6.09%-1.46%2/1/20181.915
CACB-TCIBC Active Invst Grade Corp Bond ETF5.62%-1.61%1/16/20192.76
QGB-NEAgfiq Global Multi-Sector Bond ETF5.46%-0.35%10/22/20182.697
QTIP-NEMackenzie US TIPS Index ETF [Cad-Hedged]5.46%5.56%2/24/20185.261
CXF-TCI First Asset CDN Convert Bond ETF5.28%5.96%6/1/20114.734
MHYB-NEMackenzie Global High Yield Fixed Income ETF4.92%3.39%4/26/20174.485
RQN-TRBC Target 2025 Corp Bond Index ETF4.42%-2.08%8/16/20181.938
ZFH-TBMO Floating Rate High Yield ETF4.18%4.15%2/10/20144.562
FIXD-NEEvolve Active Core Fixed Income Fund3.93%0.98%3/29/20183.228
MKB-TMackenzie Core Pls CDN Fixed Income ETF3.67%-2.25%4/19/20162.163
ZDB-TBMO Discount Bond ETF3.45%-2.66%2/10/20142.163
ZMP-TBMO Mid Provincial Bond Index ETF3.15%-2.91%3/19/20132.67
BESG-TInvesco ESG CDN Core Plus Bond ETF3.07%-2.45%8/24/20122.894
CBO-TIshares 1-5Yr Laddered Corp Bond ETF3.01%-1.11%2/25/20092.558
ZCS-TBMO Short Corp Bond ETF2.90%-0.62%10/20/20092.984
HOG-THorizons CDN Midstream Oil Gas ETF2.73%34.59%7/14/20143.458
XSH-TIshares Core CDN ST Corp Maple Bnd ETF2.67%-0.62%9/13/20112.654
PSB-TInvesco 1 To 5 Yrladder Inv Grd Bd ETF2.65%-0.76%6/15/20112.911
VSC-TVanguard CDN Short Term Corp Bd ETF2.51%-0.76%11/1/20122.587
RBO-TRBC 1 To 5 Yr Laddered Corp Bond ETF2.32%-1.19%1/17/20142.142
RQK-TRBC Target 2023 Corp Bond ETF2.22%-0.68%9/23/20162.584
RPSB-TRBC Phn Short Term CDN Bond ETF2.21%-1.12%10/26/20171.113
XBM-TIshares S&P TSX Global Base Mtls ETF2.07%31.59%4/12/20113.024
HMP-THorizons Active CDN Municipal Bond ETF1.92%-1.01%8/12/20152.061
FINT-TFirst Trust Intl Capital Strength ETFN/AN/A5/16/2018N/A
VBAL-TVanguard Balanced ETF PortfolioN/AN/A1/24/2018N/A

Source: Barchart. Data as of Feb. 8, 11:35am CST

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