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One of the best features of the new Watchlist is how easy it is to import a list of stocks into it. Here is how you do it.

First, you need to login. If you haven't already registered for, it will take less than a minute and it means you can access your Watchlist from any computer.

Once you're at the Watchlist screen, click on the option to Import to Watchlist.

Pick either a Stocklist or a Fundlist and hit the Import button. That's it.

You can also import a Watchlist from another site, such as Yahoo or Bloomberg. Here's how.

Download the Watchlist on one of those sites and save it on your computer. Remember where you have saved it.

Then, go back to your Watchlist at Globe Investor and click the Import to Watchlist button. Browse, find your file on your computer and Import it.

You can also export a Watchlist. Choose the Export a Watchlist option. Then, choose the Export tab on the pop-up box.

If you get a yellow flag saying your browser has blocked the site from downloading files to your computer, click on it and choose to download the file.

Save it, and then you can open it in Excel.

We hope you can provide feedback and suggestions about the new Watchlist. Leave a comment here or email to reach us. You can also visit the Globe Investor Help section for more information about Watchlist and the site.

Enjoy your Watchlist.