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editor's blog

Here is another quick tip on the new Watchlist tool.

All the columns' data can be arranged in ascending or descending order in the new Watchlist. Click once on a header and it will sort the list from top to bottom. Click on it again and it will sort from bottom to top.

This will allow you to sort your list of securities by data, alphabetically, and even by Latest News.

Want to find out which ones are trading closest to their 52-week highs? Click on the 52-Week Range column header and the list will be sorted by stocks closest to their highs. Click on it again to sort again from the ones nearest their lows.

We hope you can provide feedback and suggestions about the new Watchlist. Leave a comment here or email to reach us. You can also visit the Globe Investor Help section for more information about Watchlist and the site.

Pierre Javad Digital Product Manager Globe Investor