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There were plenty of contributors – from asset-management executives, to lawyers, to advisors themselves – who provided compelling reads this year.alexsl/Getty Images

Globe Advisor publishes in-depth, thoughtful content for financial advisors. It’s produced by some of the best business journalists in the country, as well as key players in the financial-services industry who are keen to offer their perspectives.

Plenty of contributors provided compelling copy this year. From asset-management executives to lawyers to advisors themselves, here are 10 of the most thought-provoking columns that resonated with readers.

Seven dos and don’ts before the next recession hit

It’s been more than a decade since Canadian investors have experienced a recession – and many have forgotten what an accompanying stock-market plunge feels like. Most of us don’t react well to stressful situations, particularly when it comes to money-related matters. Preparing ourselves mentally now is a good idea, writes Jonathan Durocher, president of National Bank Investments Inc., in Montreal.

Making the most of an RESP

Education planning and registered education savings plans are at the forefront of discussions that advisors have with many investors. But what’s the best way to take advantage of this vehicle? Matthew Ardrey, vice-president and wealth advisor at TriDelta Financial Partners Inc. in Toronto, explores this topic further.

Five vital year-end tax strategies for sophisticated investor

Stealthy year-end tax planning is a critical task for investors and their financial professionals. The strategies employed now will determine how much money remains in Canadians’ pockets and how much goes to the Canada Revenue Agency over the long run. That task is especially pertinent this year, explains Evelyn Jacks, president of Knowledge Bureau Inc.

‘Sell in May and go away’ strategy has much merit

“Sell in May and go away” is based upon the premise that, historically, stock markets have performed poorly in the May-October period. And data show that staying out of the stock market during this six-month period is a more profitable strategy than not over the longer term, argues Brooke Thackray, research analyst at Horizons ETFs (Canada) Inc.

A new registered investment advisor category could have significant upside for Canada

Advisors and investors Canada could benefit from the introduction of a few key features from the United States’ financial advisory system –­ namely, the registered investment advisor model, the ecosystem that supports it and the turnkey asset management program, writes Jason Pereira, partner and senior financial consultant at Woodgate Financial Inc. in Toronto.

Court’s ruling brings back clarity to multiple wills strategy

An Ontario Divisional Court ruling to set aside a lower court’s decision that threw the longstanding estate-planning strategy involving the use of multiple wills into disarray has implications for advisors and investors, explains Ian Hull, co-founder of Hull & Hull Barristers and Solicitors in Toronto, and a certified specialist in estate and trust law and civil litigation.

Will diluted ‘best interest’ rules doom us to unaffordable old age?

The World Economic Forum predicted recently that most Canadians will outlive their savings by a decade or more. Yet, policy-makers are treating this as no big deal. Neil Gross, president of Component Strategies, a capital markets policy consultancy in Toronto, looks at the potential consequences facing us all.

Ten ways the wealth-management industry won’t change in the next decade

The wealth-management industry is at an inflection point as innovations such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data have the potential to change the competitive landscape dramatically in the next 10 years. But advisors would best be suited to focus on the 10 ways the wealth-management industry won’t change in the next decade, Mr. Durocher suggests.

Investors will need more than robo-advisors when bull market retreats

Robo-advisors have had a profound impact on the investment industry for much of the past decade. However, when there is a market downturn and investors are looking to recession-proof their portfolios, they will likely crave actionable advice from humans, argues Donna Bristow, managing director, North American Wealth, at Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc., in Toronto.

Financial professionals just as susceptible to behavioural biases as investors

Many Canadians rely on advisors to navigate the complexities of investing and to help them avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. But what if those advisors are just as prone to behavioural biases as the investors they serve? Lisa Kramer, professor of finance at the University of Toronto, explores this topic in-depth.

Is your language repelling clients?

Do you want to enhance client loyalty? Increase referrals? Create a “wow” experience for your clients? Start by communicating better. When you learn how to do that, you’re able to have a greater influence and help your clients reach their goals, suggests Sara Gilbert, business strategist and certified coach with Strategist Business Development in Montreal.