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Mary Lou Dickinson at home in Toronto.JENNIFER ROBERTS/The Globe and Mail

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In Tales from the Golden Age, retirees talk about their spending, savings and whether life after work is what they expected.

Mary Lou Dickinson, 85, Toronto

I retired at age 65 after working for more than 40 years in a few different full-time and part-time jobs. The last 20 years of my career were spent working as a counsellor on a 24-hour crisis line for women experiencing various types of violence. I was ready to retire because, after two decades, the work had become emotionally and physically draining.

I remember thinking at the time, ‘Can I afford to retire? What am I going to do with my time?’ I’m a writer and published several short stories before retiring. So, I knew I would do that, but I wasn’t sure how else I would spend my time and if I had the financial means.

I reassessed my financial situation first and figured I could manage. I was always good with money – budgeting and investing – and consider myself frugal. I have a financial advisor, but I make my own investment decisions. I don’t worry too much about the markets going down, as they have been lately, as long as I have enough money to live on. I’ve been through a few market corrections over the years, and they always seem to bounce back. If the markets don’t recover, it just means my kids – who are doing fine financially – will get a bit less of an inheritance.

My retirement income comes from my investments, including a registered retirement income fund as well as Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefits. About 10 years into retirement, I sold my Toronto home where I had lived for more than 40 years and raised my two children as a single parent and bought a condo downtown. The leftover funds gave me a bit more money to live on in retirement. I also get a bit of money from my books, but most of that is eaten up by expenses associated with writing.

What I like most about retirement is that I’m in charge of my time. When you’re working, even if your role has a purpose, you often don’t have time to do what you want for yourself, which is also important.

My goal at retirement was to have a book published by the time I turned 70, which I achieved. I’ve had four more books published since. I am currently working on another novel, a collection of short stories, and I wrote a memoir that was recently accepted for publication. I also wrote a self-help book on retirement that may or may not get published.

As I’m single, I knew retirement also meant making more social connections. I also wanted to stay physically active and learn new things. So, I combined all three of these by taking dance classes and educational courses, which meant I would meet new people, and occasionally, a friend would emerge.

Now, at age 85, I feel like I’m winding many things up. I have some health issues, which means I can’t travel anymore. I still attend dance classes, but I mostly watch or do them on Zoom. I’m lucky to have my writing and my two grown children and three grandchildren – ages 24, 8 and 5 – to keep me engaged in life. I want to live independently for as long as possible with a rich life that includes my kids and grandkids. My advice to others is to love your family and friends; they’re the ones who are with you through it all.

As told to Brenda Bouw.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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