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Browser Compatibility


Globe Investor remains committed to responding to user requests for advanced functionality and improved speed within our Watchlist and Portfolio tools.

To enjoy the full benefits of these tools it is requested that they are accessed through a supported browser. These include:

  • Chrome (58 & above)
  • Edge (40 & above)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (see below)
    • The Microsoft Edge web browser was intended to replace Internet Explorer for Windows 10 and features performance and security improvements: Download Microsoft Edge
    • Further, Microsoft no longer supports IE10, IE9, and IE8 on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Watchlist and Portfolio are only supported on Internet Explorer 11: Download Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari (11 & above)

United States

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Nasdaq
  • NYSE American (AMEX)

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Watchlist UI (1.3.11.)


  1. Due to inconsistent behaviour in some browsers/devices only the "TICKER" field is "frozen" in place on responsive (mobile) breakpoints.
  2. Note: the frozen column option is still not supported by some old versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  3. Fixed missing YTD% in the Stock Views. Note: this provides Unit Price % for BOTH stocks and funds. YTD% in Fund Views displays on Total Return % for funds and is not available for stocks.
  4. Fixed empty space between ticker and company columns.

Important Note:

  • In order to provide the newly-introduced Mutual Funds (Total Return data) filters it was necessary to decouple "Custom" Views from "Stocks" views.
  • As a result, the first time you return to an individual Watchlist, you will need to re-select your desired default filter again.
  • Once this is done, the system will "remember" your selection going forward.

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New Filters - Mutual Fund Data


The Watchlist now has data points and filters specific to Mutual Funds and "Total Return" performance reporting (including compound distributions). Important Note:

In order to provide the newly-introduced Mutual Funds (Total Return data) filters it was necessary to decouple "Custom" Views from "Stocks" views.

As a result, the first time you return to an individual Watchlist, you will need to re-select your desired default filter again.

Once this is done, the system will "remember" your selection going forward.


  • Standard
    • Last $
    • Change ($/%)
    • 5-Day Change ($/%)
    • YTD %
    • Inception Return %
    • FundGrade ranking
  • Short Term
    • 1-Month %
    • 3-Month %
    • 6-Month %
    • YTD %
    • 1-Year %
  • Long Term
    • Inception Return %
    • 1 YR %
    • 10 YR %
    • 2 YR %
    • 3 YR %
    • 5 YR %
  • Calendar Year
    • Year performance for YTD, individual 2018-2012
  • Quartile
    • Asset Class
    • Quartile ranking YTD through 2010
  • Facts & Fees
    • Asset Class
    • Load Type
    • Management Fee
    • MER
    • RRSP Eligibility
    • RRSP Initial Min
    • Managed Assets (AUM)
  • Asset Mix
    • Canadian Equity
    • Cash
    • Income Trust Units
    • International Equity
    • Other
    • US Equity
  • Sector Weight
    • Consumer Services
    • Financial Services
    • Fixed Income
    • Mutual Funds
    • Other
    • Technology
  • Risk
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Capture
    • Drawdown
    • R-Squared
    • Sharpe
    • Sortino
    • Std Dev (3Yr)
    • Treynor
  • These data points are also available for the creation of Custom data filters (paid subscribers only).
  • Coming Soon
  • Geo Weight
    • Africa and Middle East
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Latin America
    • North America
    • Other
  • Distributions
    • Distribtions to Date (2019)
    • Distribution Amount
    • Distribution Frequency
    • Distribution Yield
    • Payment Date

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Real-time Data


When you see a price for a stock trading on the following Canadian or North American exchanges, it is now in Real-time. This includes:


  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  • TSX Venture Exchange

United States

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Nasdaq
  • NYSE American (AMEX)

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Real-time Data: CSE and NEO


Watchlist now supports Real-time quotes for:

  • Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)
  • Aequitas NEO Exchange

We are now the only digital media source for Real-time prices for EVERY listed issuer in North America. You're welcome.

Watchlist Custom Filters FAQ

You can now create your own custom view by choosing from the following data points:



    • Ticker
    • Company
    • Short Name
    • Futures Contract Name
    • Exchange
    • Open
    • High
    • Low
    • Last
    • $ Change
    • Percentage Change
    • Volume
    • Previous
    • Industry
    • Sector
    • Futures Expiration Date
    • Time
    • Has Options


    • Standard Deviation
    • Weighted Alpha
    • Open Interest
    • 52-Week High
    • 52-Week Low


    • Pivot Point
    • 1st Resistance Point
    • 2nd Resistance Point
    • 1st Support Point
    • 2nd Support Point


    • Quantity
    • Market Value
    • Cost Basis
    • Unrealized Gain
    • % of Portfolio
    • Average Cost
    • Change
    • Today's Gain
    • Income Inception (Portfolio only)
    • Income YTD (Portfolio only)
    • Income Forward (Portfolio only)


    • Overview
    • Market Capitalization, $K
    • Shares Outstanding, K
    • Annual Sales, $M
    • Annual Net Income, $M
    • Last Qtr Sales, $M (US only)
    • Last Qtr Net Income, $M
    • 36-Month Beta
    • % of Insider Shareholders (US only)
    • % of Institutional Shareholders


    • 1-Year Return
    • 3-Year Return
    • 5-Year Return
    • 5-Year Revenue Growth
    • 5-Year Earnings Growth
    • 5-Year Dividend Growth


    • Most Recent Earnings
    • Last Earnings Date
    • Latest Earnings Date
    • Earnings Per Share ttm
    • EPS Growth vs. Prev Qtr (US Only)
    • EPS Growth vs. Prev Year (US Only)
    • Annual Dividend Rate, $
    • Annual Dividend Yield
    • Most Recent Dividend
    • Last Dividend Date
    • Next Ex-Dividends Date
    • Dividend Payable Date
    • Dividend Payout Ratio (US Only)
    • Most Recent Split Amount
    • Split Date


    • Price/Earnings ttm
    • Price/Earnings forward
    • Price/Earnings to Growth (US Only)
    • Return on Equity %
    • Return on Assets %
    • Profit Margin % (US Only)
    • Debt/Equity
    • Price/Sales
    • Price/Cash Flow (US Only)
    • Price/Book
    • Book Value/Share
    • Interest Coverage


    • 1-Month Moving Average
    • 3-Month Moving Average
    • 6-Month Moving Average
    • 9-Month Moving Average
    • 52-Week Moving Average
    • YTD Moving Average
    • 5-Day Moving Average
    • 20-Day Moving Average
    • 50-Day Moving Average
    • 100-Day Moving Average
    • 200-Day Moving Average


    • 1-Month Average Volume
    • 3-Month Average Volume
    • 6-Month Average Volume
    • 9-Month Average Volume
    • 52-Week Average Volume
    • YTD Average Volume
    • 5-Day Average Volume
    • 20-Day Average Volume
    • 50-Day Average Volume
    • 100-Day Average Volume
    • 200-Day Average Volume


    • 9-Day Raw Stochastic
    • 14-Day Raw Stochastic
    • 20-Day Raw Stochastic
    • 50-Day Raw Stochastic
    • 100-Day Raw Stochastic


    • 9-Day Stochastic %K
    • 14-Day Stochastic %K
    • 20-Day Stochastic %K
    • 50-Day Stochastic %K
    • 100-Day Stochastic %K


    • 9-Day Stochastic %D
    • 14-Day Stochastic %D
    • 20-Day Stochastic %D
    • 50-Day Stochastic %D
    • 100-Day Stochastic %D


    • 9-Day Average True Range
    • 14-Day Average True Range
    • 20-Day Average True Range
    • 50-Day Average True Range
    • 100-Day Average True Range


    • 9-Day Relative Strength
    • 14-Day Relative Strength
    • 20-Day Relative Strength
    • 50-Day Relative Strength
    • 100-Day Relative Strength


    • 9-Day Percent R
    • 14-Day Percent R
    • 20-Day Percent R
    • 50-Day Percent R
    • 100-Day Percent R


    • 9-Day Historic Volatility
    • 14-Day Historic Volatility
    • 20-Day Historic Volatility
    • 50-Day Historic Volatility
    • 100-Day Historic Volatility


    • 9-Day MACD Oscillator
    • 14-Day MACD Oscillator
    • 20-Day MACD Oscillator
    • 50-Day MACD Oscillator
    • 100-Day MACD Oscillator


    • ETF Full Name
    • Fund Family
    • Asset Class
    • Leverage
    • Managed Assets
    • Net Asset Value
    • Management Fee


    • 1-Month Change
    • 3-Month Change
    • 6-Month Change
    • 9-Month Change
    • 52-Week Change
    • YTD Change
    • 5-Day Change
    • 20-Day Change
    • 50-Day Change
    • 100-Day Change
    • 200-Day Change


    • 1-Month Percent
    • 3-Month Percent
    • 6-Month Percent
    • 9-Month Percent
    • 52-Week Percent
    • YTD Percent
    • 5-Day Percent
    • 20-Day Percent
    • 50-Day Percent
    • 100-Day Percent
    • 200-Day Percent


    • 5-Day High
    • 5-Day High Date
    • 5-Day Low
    • 5-Day Low Date
    • 5-Day Percent
    • 5-Day # Highs
    • 5-Day % High
    • 5-Day # Lows
    • 5-Day % Low


    • 1-Month High
    • 1-Month High Date
    • 1-Month Low
    • 1-Month Low Date
    • 1-Month Percent
    • 1-Month # Highs
    • 1-Month % High
    • 1-Month # Lows
    • 1-Month % Low


    • 3-Month High
    • 3-Month High Date
    • 3-Month Low
    • 3-Month Low Date
    • 3-Month Percent
    • 3-Month # Highs
    • 3-Month % High
    • 3-Month # Lows
    • 3-Month % Low


    • 6-Month High
    • 6-Month High Date
    • 6-Month Low
    • 6-Month Low Date
    • 6-Month Percent
    • 6-Month # Highs
    • 6-Month % High
    • 6-Month # Lows
    • 6-Month % Low


    • 52-Week High
    • 52-Week High Date
    • 52-Week Low
    • 52-Week Low Date
    • 52-Week Percent
    • 52-Week # Highs
    • 52-Week % High
    • 52-Week # Lows
    • 52-Week % Low


    • YTD High
    • YTD High Date
    • YTD Low
    • YTD Low Date
    • YTD Percent
    • YTD # Highs
    • YTD % High
    • YTD # Lows
    • YTD % Low


    • Can Eq
    • Cash
    • It Units
    • Int Eq
    • Other Asset
    • Other Sector
    • Other Geo
    • Us Eq
    • Cns Sv
    • Fin
    • Fix Inc
    • M-Fnds
    • Tech
    • Afc & Me
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Latin Am
    • Nth Am


    • Grade
    • Inception Date
    • Class
    • Load
    • Mgmt Fee
    • MER
    • RRSP
    • Min ($)
    • AUM (M)
    • GROWTH
    • YTD%
    • INCP%
    • 1-YR
    • 1-MTH
    • 3-MTH
    • 6-MTH
    • 10-YR
    • 2-YR
    • 3-YR
    • 5-YR
    • 2018
    • 2017
    • 2016
    • 2015
    • 2014
    • 2013
    • 2012
    • YTD (Q)
    • 2018 (Q)
    • 2017 (Q)
    • 2016 (Q)
    • 2015 (Q)
    • 2014 (Q)
    • 2013 (Q)
    • 2012 (Q)
    • 2011 (Q)
    • 2010 (Q)


    • Dist 2019
    • Dist Amt
    • Dst freq
    • Yield
    • Pay Date


    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Capture
    • Drawdwn
    • Rsq
    • Sharpe
    • Sortino
    • Sd-Dev
    • Trynor

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What Indices, Currencies and Commodities can be added to my Watchlist

Below are symbols or indices, currencies, and commodities you can add to your Watchlist.

Popular indices and their symbols:

  • TXCX-I = TSX Composite index
  • TXCE-I = TSX Composite Weight Index
  • JX-I = TSX Venture Composite Index
  • TXSX-I - TSX 60 Index
  • SPX-I = S&P 500 Index
  • DOWI-I = DOW Industrials
  • VIX-I = CBOE Volatility Index

Additional indices and their symbols:

  • BANK-I = Nasdaq Bank Index
  • BKX-I = KBW Bank Index
  • DIVQ-I = Nasdaq Dividend Achievers
  • HGX-I = PHLX Housing Index
  • INDS-I = Nasdaq Industrial Index
  • INSR-I = Nasdaq Insurance Index
  • IUXX-I = Nasdaq 100 Index
  • IXCO-I = Nasdaq Computer Index
  • IXF-I = Nasdaq Financial 100 Index
  • IXHC-I = Nasdaq Health Care Index
  • IXTC-I = Nasdaq Telecommunications Index
  • KDX-I = KBW Finsec Dividend Yield Index
  • KIX-I = KBW Insurance Index
  • KPX-I = KBW Property & Casualty Index
  • KRX-I = KBW Regional Banking Index
  • KSX-I = KBW Capital Markets Index
  • KYX-I = KBW Premium Yield Equity REIT Index
  • NAST-I = Nasdaq Transportation Index
  • NASX-I = Nasdaq Composite
  • NBI-I = Nasdaq Biotechnology Index
  • NDXT-I = Nasdaq 100 Technology Index
  • NDXX-I = Nasdaq-100 Ex-Tech Sector Index
  • NQCE-I = US Sm Cap Consumer Electronics Index
  • NQDV-I = Nasdaq US Distillers & Vintners Index
  • NQGM-I = Nasdaq Global Market Composite Index
  • NQGS-I = Nasdaq Global Select Market Composite Index
  • NQMT-I = Nasdaq US Marine Transportation Index
  • NQTI-I = Nasdaq US MD Cap Telecom Index USD
  • NXTQ-I = Nasdaq Q-50 Index
  • OFIN-I = Nasdaq Other Finance Index
  • OSX-I = PHLX Oil Service
  • SOX-I = PHLX Semiconductor Index
  • UTY-I = PHLX Utility Index
  • XAU-I = PHLX Gold/Silver Index
  • XCMP-I = Nasdaq Composite [TR]-
  • XDS-I = PHLX Swiss Franc
  • XNDX-I = Nasdaq 100 [TR]

You can find the ones we track by clicking here then click the Canadian or US tab.

Adding currencies to Watchlists:

For currencies the symbols end in –FX and they are normally fairly simple:

  • CADEUR-FX = Canadian Dollar/Euro
  • CADUSD-FX = Canadian Dollar/US Dollar

You can find more listed by clicking here

Adding Commodities to Watchlists: All Commodities end in –FT:

  • CL-FT = Crude Oil WTI
  • GC-FT = Gold
  • ZS-FT = Soybeans
  • ZC-FT = Corn

You’ll find more listed by clicking here

International indexes will be added at a later date. We do not track them at this time.

Examples include:

  • Hang Seng Index - (Hong Kong)
  • Nikkei 225 (Japan)
  • FTSE 100 Index (England)
  • DAX (Germany)
  • CAC 40 (France)
  • SSE Composite Index (China)

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Comprehensive Guide to Using Watchlist


  • Default View
  • Creating and Selecting Watchlists
  • View Options
  • Custom View
  • Expanded Ticker View
  • Globe News
  • Notes
  • Download

Default View

Default view shows all investments together in one view. Last Price, Change Values ($/%) blink green when it increases, and red when it decreases.

Investment types can be toggled on/off using the check boxes along the top:

Stock Only:

Funds Only:

Other Only:

Creating and Selecting Watchlist

To create a new Watchlist, click “New Watchlist” button:

To choose from existing Watchlists, select from drop down:

To edit/ rename/delete Watchlists, open the Watchlist you wish to edit, click "Edit Watchlist":

On the Edit Watchlist page, you can rename your Watchlist, change the order of items, and select your default View (Stock Views, Fund Views, Custom Views), then your secondary View (Stock: Main, Dividend, Performance, etc.; Fund (Standard, Short Term, Long Term, etc.):

Add to a Watchlist by entering a name or symbol, and it provides the ability to select from auto- search results that appear below:

View Options


The button options on the right determine data latency. The default option is “real time.” You can turn it on and off by clicking back and forth between the two options. If you click on "End of Day," it reverts to end of day values from the previous trading day. If you have clicked on End of Day, and then clicked Real Time again, this re-enables real time.

For Funds, it’s previous trading day’s close. Indexes are delayed.

Stock Views include: Main View, Dividend, Performance, Analyst Research, News:

Fund Views


include: Standard, Short Term, Long Term, Calendar Year, Quartile, Facts & Fees, Asset Mix, Sector Weight, Geo Weight, Distributions, Risk:

Custom View

(*subscribers only)

Build multiple Custom Views or select your personalized custom views from the drop-down menu:

Custom View categories include: General, Portfolio, Fundamentals, Technical Analysis, ETF- Specific, Price/ Percent Change, Historical Highs and Lows, Fund Data

Click the “+” symbol to the left of each category to expand for the specific datapoint you wish to add. Alternatively, you can type the name to search.

Sorting can be changed by clicking the column headings along the top of your watchlist. A black arrow besides the heading indicates it’s the column sorted. The other column heading arrows remain gray.

Expanded Ticker View

All tickers are expandable by clicking the arrow button left of the ticker symbol. In expanded view, you can see a summary of what’s on the actual quote page for the stock or fund.

Sections in the expanded view are accessible by using the scroll bar along the bottom of each expanded section. They include: Today’s Trading, Daily Chart (30 day chart only. To access full charting, click on the More Menu> Interactive Charts), Press Releases, Detailed Quote, Performance Report, Balance Sheet, Income Statement:

The More menu on the far right of each investment offer additional functions: Quote Overview, Earnings, Analyst Research, Delete from Watchlist, Press Releases, Price History, Interactive Chart:

Globe News

(*subscribers only)

New Press Releases also available by clicking the newspaper icon under Globe heading in the "News View." This icon will appear if news related to this stock has been posted to the site within the past 72 hours.


(*subscribers only)

You can add price alerts and notes to each ticker symbol by clicking on the Notes Icon under Notes:


(*subscribers only)

Downloads are available for each view, including Custom View. For example: Fund View: Calendar Year: download file this from this view to Excel:

Customized View in Watchlist: download file this from this view to Excel:

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What New Features are a part of Watchlist

In March, 2018, your Globe Investor Watchlist underwent several critical technical upgrades. The design changes are meant to adhere to the previous version while accommodating the necessary technical upgrades outlined above. The tool now:

  • Renders properly on regardless if it is viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile device and loads with lightning speed
  • Complies with government regulations around accessibility for those readers with disabilities
  • Reflects recent design changes to The Globe and Mail website overall
  • Can accommodate many technical upgrades listed below

All registered users can enjoy the following recent enhancements to Globe Investor Watchlist:

  • Data is now Real-time for all exchanges (TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE, Nasdaq and Amex)
  • CSE and NEO in Real-time (coming soon)
  • OTC-BB and OTC-Pinks 10-minute delay
  • Commodities 10-minute delay (can also add individual futures contracts)
  • Prices update without page refresh
  • Filter on Stocks, Funds and Other

Users with a Globe Unlimited subscription, the all-access pass to, can also enjoy these features:

  • Export your data in excel
  • Fully-integrated Globe Investor editorial
  • Custom data filters
  • Save Notes
  • Set Price Flags

We’ve added hundreds of data options exclusive to digital subscribers. You can view your Watchlist data like never before. Create your own custom view by choosing from a multitude of data points available to you.

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Can I access my Watchlist on a mobile browser

Thank you for your interest in the Watchlist tool. Whether you’re a registered user with a free account or you’re a Globe Unlimited subscriber, you can access all of your Watchlist data and features on your preferred mobile browser.

The following instructions outline how to access the Basic Watchlist through the website using a mobile browser:

Method #1: Hamburger Menu

  1. Using your mobile browser log in at
  2. Once you are logged in, you should see your display name in the top right corner.
  3. Click the “hamburger” menu in the top left corner.
  4. Drag up for more options.
  5. Tap the arrow beside the Investing option, and then select Watchlist.

Method #2: Top Navigation (black bar)

  1. Once you’re logged into, tap the Investing header on the black horizontal menu.
  2. Once on the Globe Investor home page, tap the Watchlist option.

You can also use search feature in the hamburger menu to look up stocks and funds.

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Where can I set up Alerts

Where are the Alerts options now?

  • The upgraded Alerts tool is now located here.
  • Please be aware that the setup and maintenance of Alerts were previously shared across several legacy Globe and Mail platforms and it was not possible to migrate old Alerts due to legislation around spam.
  • Also, please note that we have added hundreds of new options and the ability to combine events (if Price and Volume exceed number).

What free upgrades have been added for all registered users?

  • Last Price or when a price crosses a High or Low for an individual ticker
  • Intraday or End of Day values
  • When a company issues a press release .

What additional upgrades have been added for individuals with a paid digital subscription?

  • Ability to add multiple conditions (Example: price hits target AND liquidity hits volume)
  • Price or Percent Change (Greater/Less)
  • End of Day Email (Watchlist and Portfolio)
  • Highs/Lows (% From High/Low or makes new High/Low)
  • Liquidity (Volume - Greater/Less)
  • Technical Indicators:
  • Average Volume
  • Historic Volatility
  • MACD Oscillator
  • Moving Average
  • Percent R
  • Raw Stochastic
  • Relative Strength
  • Standard Deviation
  • Stochastic %D and %K
  • True Range
  • Weighted Alpha

What happened to my alerts?

  • The Globe's new Alerts tool is on a new platform and offers dramatically more value than the legacy tool.
  • If you had Alerts in our legacy tool, they will need to be recreated in the new tool.
  • To provider greater depth of Alerts and Globe and Mail account synchronization.
  • Alerts are located within the Globe Investor environment for all users.

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"My Shares" Portfolio Export


  • "My Shares" dynamic export where Watchlist will detect if there were holdings entered and give the user the ability to migrate automatically into our Portfolio utility.
  • Look for the "My Shares Export" button on the top-right of the Watchlist.

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Are there investments rankings and ratings

Funds: You can click on any fund’s name and it will generate a fund profile on Globe Investor. Scroll to middle of the page to locate buttons for both Basic and Premium Reports (subscribers only). Both reports contain fund grade provided by Fundata. Alternatively, you can also find the fund grade under Facts & Fees in our Watchlist.

Stocks: You can click on any stock’s name and it will generate a stock profile on Globe Investor. Scroll to middle of the page to locate button for Stock Report+ (subscribers only). It contains stock score provided by Thomson Reuter.

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Since 2005, Globe Advisor ProStation has enabled Canada’s financial advisor community to instantly create free, professional-quality client investment proposals. Now, Globe Advisor ProStation has been upgraded with innovative features, including Streamlined MFDA-Compliant Proposals and a lightning-fast responsive design.