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The artificial intelligence hype has provided a second wind for some of the megacap technology stocks – Microsoft Corp., Nvidia Corp., Meta Platforms Inc., Alphabet and – that have been dominating market performance for most of the past four years. But if a new research report by Scotiabank strategist Hugo Ste-Marie is accurate, the dominance will soon come to an end.

Mr. Ste-Marie pointed to an improving OECD U.S. Leading Economic Indicator index to argue that the world’s largest economy is shifting from a recovery to expansion phase. The expansion phase is typified by solid gains for equities thanks to strong earnings growth.

The expansion phase is also characterized by broad market leadership. More stocks generate strong earnings growth and the best returns come from buying earnings growth at the lowest price – the definition of a value market.

A value market would draw investor assets out of the megacap technology stocks. These stocks are secular growth stories, meaning they are less sensitive to the economy. When growth was slow during the pandemic, investors piled into technology because it was one of the few places to find decent profit growth. That’s how Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, Alphabet and grew to the current 28 per cent of the entire S&P 500′s market cap.

A broadening in profit growth to sectors beyond technology would see the latter underperform. Because the S&P 500 is a cap-weighted index where returns are weighted heavily towards the largest stocks, benchmark performance could be disappointing even as the economy accelerates and earnings growth improves. This may prove a rude surprise for passive investors.

It is by no means a foregone conclusion that a U.S. expansionary phase is beginning. The Citi U.S. Economic Surprise Index, which measures important growth data relative to consensus expectations, is still in negative territory, indicated weaker than expected growth. The ISM Purchasing Managers Index for Manufacturers, a survey gauging business activity that has been historically correlated to S&P 500 earnings growth, also remains at depressed levels.

The Russell 2000 index of U.S. small cap stocks will, I think, be the tell. Outperformance by small caps is historically associated with a new market cycle and accelerating economic growth. A sustained small cap rally could very well signal the end of dominance for large cap technology stocks even if the AI hype continues.

-- Scott Barlow, Globe and Mail market strategist

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