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No Bull | The Five Spot

NO BULL - Thu Apr 18, 6:57AM CDT

#5 | ¡Viva México! 

Mexico has a record 18.7mmt (735mbu) of US corn on the books this year - 38% higher than their commitments at this point one year ago.

Not only are their current commitments a record for this time of the year, but they have already surpassed the old full-year purchase record (2021/22) by a whopping 60 million bushels and that is with more than four months remaining in the marketing year.

#4 | Beans = No Bueno

Soybeans are another story though as cumulative new crop commitments for the 2024/25 marketing year sit at a dismal 17.3 million bushels on the books - less than one-third of this point last year and one-twentieth of commitments two years ago.

China is the driving factor here, without a single bushel purchased in their name yet - which hasn’t happened in YEARS.

Last year at this time, China had 29 million bushels of US new crop beans on the books and rewind two years - they had a staggering 217 million bushels already purchased.

#3 | <3 Weeks

We are barely halfway into April and the United States has seen a notable uptick in Avian Influenza outbreaks - particularly in laying hens with nearly 8.5 million birds impacted.

Laying hens (egg-laying chickens) are by far the most impacted by bird flu - 80% of the nearly 90 million US birds affected. Reason being, layers are often kept in massive million+ bird complexes (large commercial barns or a series of large barns located in close proximity to one another). 

Due to the nature of the virus and APHIS’ protocols for attempting to control the spread - ALL birds within the complex must be euthanized, which means 1-2 million birds can be depopulated at a time, leading to massive losses with each detection.

#2 | Two of a kind

Nothing to see here… just soybean oil trading like an energy as nearly half of all US soybean oil production now goes into biofuels.

#1 | Close ties

Related - no coincidence Bunge shares (BG) track close with crude oil, as Bunge is the largest oilseed processor in the world.

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