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Do USDA Reports Move Commodities Futures Market?

Hedder - Mon Sep 25, 12:09AM CDT

USDA reports are among the most important reports in the agricultural commodities market. To what extent do USDA reports move the futures market? How do traders adjust their trading positions with the release of USDA reports? We talked to Doug Christie, an agribusiness executive, and Olga Isengildina Massa, John B. and Kristi L. Rowsell Professor at Virginia Tech, for a deep dive on this topic. 

In this episode, we will go through: 

  • the accuracy and methodology of USDA reports
  • how traders look at USDA reports
  • the extent to which USDA reports can surprise the market
  • types of commodities that are most affected by the release of USDA reports
  • biggest limitation of USDA reports

For more insights on agricultural commodities trading, visit the monthly research series of Hedder. 

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