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Soybeans - A hand scooping soybeans
Soybeans/SOYB, Still Looking For The 78.6% Fibonacci Level
ONE44 Analytics - 1 hour ago
ONE44 Analytics
1 hour ago
The recent highs on 11/14/23 and 11/21/23 both hit 78.6% back to the 7/24/23 high at 28.80 and when we follow the ONE44 78.6% rule we know that,...
Corn - Yellow corn that has had its husks removed
Sunday Scaries: What I'm Watching This Week In The Grain Markets
Barchart - Sun Dec 3, 8:25AM CST
Sun Dec 3, 8:25AM CST
Looking at how farmer length is impacting the world cash corn markets, an update on China's demand outlook, possible premature exuberance in the outside markets and more
Farming - Farming l_5MJnbrmrs-unsplash
How Geopolitics Will Define Agricultural Markets
Hedder - Sun Dec 3, 2:15AM CST
Sun Dec 3, 2:15AM CST
Geopolitics could lead to a continued de-globalization of global trade flows in the next few years, as political and other non-trade issues create barriers. In this interview, Doug Christie, an ex-Cargill agribusiness executive and author of the newsletter Agricultural Commodities Focus, takes us through what that could mean for agricultural markets, and how market participants might prepare for this.
Buy, Sell - Buy Or Sell Signal Cards
Is this wheat rally for real?
Sidwell Strategies - Sat Dec 2, 8:22AM CST
Sidwell Strategies
Sat Dec 2, 8:22AM CST
Cattle volatility remains elevated