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The Canadian industry’s assets under management grew to $336 billion in November. The product line-up expanded with the addition of cryptocurrency ETFs, metaverse ETFs and many more.

Amid high market volatility, low volatility ETF solutions were introduced in the Canadian industry. CIBC Asset Management launched a low volatility dividend suite for income-seeking investors who prefer equity-based exposure with reduced volatility. Manulife also introduced two new actively managed Manulife Smart Defensive Equity ETFs, aimed at providing better investor experiences in volatile markets.

In other launches, Purpose Investments Inc. added to their cryptocurrency line-up with the World’s first covered call and actively managed cryptocurrency ETFs: Purpose Bitcoin Yield ETF, Purpose Ether Yield ETF, and Purpose Crypto Opportunities ETF.

Purpose Bitcoin Yield ETF and Purpose Ether Yield ETF seeks to provide unitholders with monthly distributions and long-term capital appreciation. The funds will achieve its investment objectives primarily by obtaining exposure to Bitcoin or Ether, respectively, and by implementing a derivatives-based strategy in respect of portfolio securities. Purpose Crypto Opportunities ETF, the world’s first actively managed cryptocurrency ETF, seeks to provide unitholders with long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in digital assets and securities that provide exposure to digital assets.


CASH-THorizons High Interest Savings ETFCashCashLow2021-11-020.08%
MTAV-THorizons Global Metaverse Index ETFEquityGlobal, TechHigh2021-11-290.55%
HSPN-THarvest Digital Sports & Entertainment Index ETFEquityDeveloped Market, TechHigh2021-11-050.50%
HSPN-U-THarvest Digital Sports & Entertainment Index ETF USDEquityDeveloped Market, TechHigh2021-11-050.50%
UDEF-TManulife Smart US Defensive Equity ETF CAD-hedgedEquityUS, Low VolatilityMedium2021-11-100.33%
UDEF-B-TManulife Smart US Defensive Equity ETFEquityUS, Low VolatilityMedium2021-11-100.28%
CDEF-TManulife Smart Defensive Equity ETFEquityCanada, Low VolatilityMedium2021-11-100.25%
QQCE-TInvesco ESG Nasdaq 100 Index ETFEquityESGMedium2021-11-150.20%
QQCE-F-TInvesco ESG Nasdaq 100 Index ETFEquityESGMedium2021-11-150.20%
QQJE-TInvesco ESG Nasdaq Next Gen100 Index ETFEquityESGMedium to High2021-11-150.20%
QQJE-F-TInvesco ESG Nasdaq Next Gen100 Index ETFEquityESGMedium to High2021-11-150.20%
CQLC-NECIBC Qx Canadian Low Volatility Dividend ETFEquityCanada, Low VolatilityMedium2021-11-160.30%
CQLI-NECIBC Qx International Low Volatility Dividend ETFEquityInternational, Low VolatilityMedium2021-11-160.40%
CQLU-NECIBC Qx US Low Volatility Dividend ETFEquityUS, Low VolatilityMedium2021-11-160.30%
CCLN-NECIBC Clean Energy Index ETFEquityGlobal, ESGHigh2021-11-160.35%
CRYP-TPurpose Crypto Opportunities ETF CAD-hedgedAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.25%
CRYP-B-TPurpose Crypto Opportunities ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.25%
CRYP-U-TPurpose Crypto Opportunities ETF USDAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.25%
BTCY-TPurpose Bitcoin Yield ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.10%
BTCY-B-TPurpose Bitcoin Yield ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.10%
BTCY-U-TPurpose Bitcoin Yield ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.10%
ETHY-TPurpose Ether Yield ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.10%
ETHY-B-TPurpose Ether Yield ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.10%
ETHY-U-TPurpose Ether Yield ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-191.10%
ETHH-J-TPurpose Ether ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-301.00%
BTCC-J-TPurpose Bitcoin ETFAlternativeCryptocurrencyHigh2021-11-301.00%
MESH-TEvolve Metaverse ETF CAD-hedgedEquityGlobal, TechMedium2021-11-240.60%
BEPR-TBrompton Flaherty & Crumrine Enhanced IG Preferred ETFFixed IncomePreferred sharesMedium2021-11-261.00%
TECI-TTD Global Technology Innovators Index ETFEquityGlobal, TechMedium2021-11-300.45%
TMCC-TTD Morningstar ESG Canada Corporate Bond Index ETFFixed IncomeCanada, Corporate, ESGLow2021-11-300.15%
TMUC-TTD Morningstar ESG US Corporate Bond Index ETFFixed IncomeUS, Corporate, ESGLow to Medium2021-11-300.20%

Source: Inovestor

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