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Featured below are companies that have experienced recent insider trading activity in the public market through their direct and indirect ownerships, including accounts they have control or direction over.

The list features insider transaction activity; it does not convey total ownership information as an insider may hold numerous accounts.

Keep in mind, when looking at transaction activities by insiders, purchasing activity may reflect perceived value in a security. Selling activity may or may not be related to a stock’s valuation; perhaps an insider needs to raise money for personal reasons. An insider’s total holdings should be considered because a sale may, in context, be insignificant if this person has a large remaining position in the company. I tend to put great weight on insider transaction activity when I see multiple insiders trading a company’s shares or units.

Listed below are two securities that have had recent buying activity reported by insiders.

Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ-T)

On May 10, director Anne Giardini invested over $102,000 in shares of Stella-Jones. She purchased 2,000 shares at an average cost per share of approximately $51.30.

Tree Island Steel Ltd. (TSL-T)

On May 10, executive chairman of the board of directors Amar Doman bought 25,000 shares at a cost per share of $3.9554 for an account in which he has indirect ownership (The Futura Corporation), increasing this particular account’s holdings to 9,789,146 shares. The cost of this purchase totaled nearly $99,000.


Listed below are three stocks that have had recent selling activity reported by insiders.

Lundin Mining Corp. (LUN-T)

On May 10, director Jack Lundin divested 40,000 shares at a price per share of $14.93, reducing this particular account’s position to 80,000 shares. Proceeds from the sale exceeded $597,000, excluding commission charges.

Metro Inc. (MRU-T)

Between May 3-6, president and chief executive officer Eric La Flèche exercised his options, receiving 140,000 shares at a cost per share of $21.90, and sold 140,000 shares at an average price per share of approximately $56.83, leaving 270,508 shares in this specific account. Net proceeds totaled nearly $4.9-million, not including any associated transaction fees.

Russel Metals Inc. (RUS-T)

Between May 7-13, Brian Hedges exercised his options, receiving 225,921 shares at an average cost per share of approximately $26.31, and sold 225,921 shares at an average price per share of roughly $32.22. Net proceeds totaled over $1.3-million, not including any associated transaction charges.

Mr. Hedges is currently on the company’s board of directors. He is also the company’s former chief executive officer (2009 to 2018) and chief financial officer (1994 to 2009).

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