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Equinox Gold Corp. has been setting new 52-week lows this summer, which raises the question of whether market pessimism is overdone. Insiders can help provide clues as to the answer. If new lows are being hit and insiders are selling, it would be a concern. At Equinox, we see the opposite. Insiders have been buying in August, including chairman Ross Beaty, who has spent about $2-million picking up shares. While seeing insider buying at the lows is not a guarantee of success, it is an encouraging sign.


Ted Dixon is CEO of INK Research, which provides insider news and knowledge to investors. For more background on insider reporting in Canada, visit the FAQ section at Securities referenced in this profile may have already appeared in recent reports distributed to INK subscribers. INK staff may also hold a position in profiled securities.

Chart reflects public-market transactions of common shares or unit trusts by company officers and directors.

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