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Canfor Corp. is one of the best performing INK Canadian Insider Index members since the semi-annual index rebalancing on Nov. 17, 2017 .

The stock is up about 18 per cent since rebalancing day.

Meanwhile, we continue to see insider commitment at the firm.

That latest buying was by director John Baird, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs for Stephen Harper, who acquired 5,000 shares at $29.82 on April 30. Insider commitment is a key factor that determines if a stock stays in the index when it is rebalanced again on May 18.

Ted Dixon is CEO of INK Research which provides insider news and knowledge to investors. For more background on insider reporting in Canada, visit the FAQ section at Securities referenced in this profile may have already appeared in recent reports distributed to INK subscribers. INK staff may also hold a position in profiled securities.

Chart reflects public-market transactions of common shares or unit trusts by company officers and directors.

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