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Featured below are companies that have experienced recent insider trading activity in the public market through their direct and indirect ownerships, including accounts they have control or direction over.

The list features insider transaction activity; it does not convey total ownership information as an insider may hold numerous accounts.

Keep in mind, when looking at transaction activities by insiders, purchasing activity may reflect perceived value in a security. Selling activity may or may not be related to a stock’s valuation; perhaps an insider needs to raise money for personal reasons. An insider’s total holdings should be considered because a sale may, in context, be insignificant if this person has a large remaining position in the company. I tend to put great weight on insider transaction activity when I see multiple insiders trading a company’s shares or units.

Listed below are two stocks that have had recent buying activity reported by insiders.

Onex Corp. (ONEX-T)

On Jan. 14, Stuart Kovensky invested over US$168,000 in shares of the company. He purchased 2,500 shares at a cost per share of US$67.2379, which initiated a position in this account.

Mr. Kovensky is the chief executive officer of Onex Credit.

Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd. (OR-T)

Between Jan. 6 and Jan. 14, president Sandeep Singh acquired a total of 80,000 shares in the public market at an average price per share of roughly $12.21. The cost of these purchases totaled over $976,000.


Listed below are two stocks that have had recent selling activity in the public market reported by insiders.

Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (ONC-T)

On Jan. 6, Deborah Brown, who sits on the board of directors, sold 14,000 shares at a price per share of $4.7854, reducing this account’s holdings to 30,827 shares. Proceeds, excluding commission charges, totaled approximately $67,000.

Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS-T)

Between Jan. 8 and Jan. 10, Cameron Paterson, vice-president – financial reporting, exercised his options, receiving 8,000 shares at a cost per share of $9.76, and sold 8,000 shares at an average price per share of approximately $29.52, leaving 5,715 shares in this account. Net proceeds, not including trading fees, totaled over $158,000. ​

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