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Here are the 100 largest mutual funds in Canada as ranked by Fundata Canada Inc. according to total assets at Dec. 31, 2017. Assets for all the various series of a fund are grouped together, while returns and fees are shown for the series with the longest history. Fund and benchmark returns are 10-year annualized returns to Dec. 31, 2017. Note: Return numbers are rounded - this explains why the differential between fund and benchmark return may appear not to add up in some cases.*

Fund NameTotal Assets ($Millions)FundBenchmarkDifferential between fund return and benchmark Most recent MER2013 MER5-Year MER Change
RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series A28,245.504.67.1-2.61.941.940.00
RBC Select Conservative Portfolio Series A27,164.334.17.1-3.11.841.85-0.01
RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series A18,792.405.
RBC Bond Fund Series A18,546.464.24.7-
Investors Dividend Fund Series C16,860.184.44.9-0.52.802.83-0.03
TD Canadian Bond Fund - Investor Series15,502.734.04.7-
Fidelity Monthly Income Fund Series A11,301.
RBC Global Corporate Bond Fund Series A9,847.934.85.7-0.81.751.750.00
PH&N Bond Fund Series D9,742.794.54.7-0.10.600.600.00
Manulife Strategic Income Fund Advisor Series9,390.627.
TD Managed Income Portfolio - Inv9,
RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series A8,767.404.47.4-
TD Monthly Income Fund - Inv8,625.975.
Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Advisor Series8,480.
PH&N Total Return Bond Fund Series D8,443.974.54.7-0.20.580.59-0.01
Fidelity NorthStar Fund Series A8,398.686.58.9-2.42.542.59-0.05
RBC Monthly Income Fund Series A8,298.485.
Signature High Income Fund Class A8,
TD Dividend Growth Fund - Inv7,521.355.
Fidelity Canadian Balanced Fund Series A7,102.385.
RBC European Equity Fund Series A7,062.622.84.3-
RBC Global Bond Fund Series A6,792.803.55.7-2.21.611.78-0.17
Scotia Canadian Dividend Fund Series A6,774.685.
TD Managed Income & Moderate Growth Portfolio Inv6,728.584.07.1-
TD Short Term Bond Fund - Investor Series6,
Mawer International Equity Fund Series A6,253.806.
Investors Income Plus Portfolio Series C5,777.643.04.9-1.82.412.42-0.01
RBC Balanced Fund Series A5,737.353.24.9-
Investors Mortgage and Short Term Income Fd C5,575.941.54.7-3.21.971.960.01
Capital Group Global Equity Fund (Canada) Ser A5,512.
RBC Canadian Short-Term Income Fund Series A5,498.802.14.7-
Fidelity Canadian Large Cap Fund Series A5,402.388.
Investors Real Property Fund Series C5,315.752.24.6-2.42.722.700.02
Fidelity Canadian Asset Allocation Fund Ser A5,
Signature Income & Growth Fund Class A5,228.485.57.1-1.62.412.43-0.02
BMO Dividend Fund Series A5,165.375.
Sentry Canadian Income Fund Series A5,017.748.
TD Canadian Equity Fund - Inv5,
TD Managed Balanced Growth Portfolio - Inv4,982.424.37.1-
BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio Series C4,927.885.17.1-
Russell Investments Fixed Income Pool Series B4,925.724.24.7-0.51.431.44-0.01
Fidelity True North Fund Series A4,897.313.94.6-0.72.452.51-0.06
Cambridge Canadian Equity Corporate Class A4,879.
TD Dividend Income Fund - Inv4,633.805.
Compass Conservative Balanced Portfolio Series A4,530.516.
Cambridge Asset Allocation Corporate Class A4,466.395.57.1-1.62.452.440.01
Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity Fund Series A4,433.356.67.7-1.12.502.60-0.10
CIBC Monthly Income Fund Class A4,388.253.54.9-1.41.471.48-0.01
BMO Monthly Income Fund Series A4,377.
Compass Balanced Portfolio Series A4,321.206.57.1-0.61.811.84-0.03
TD Income Advantage Portfolio - Investor Series4,312.384.04.9-0.91.661.660.00
Desjardins Enhanced Bond Fund A Class4,157.793.44.7-1.31.641.76-0.12
Epoch Global Equity Fund - Adviser Series4,156.445.57.7-2.12.502.54-0.04
Trimark Fund Series A4,125.945.77.7-2.02.692.86-0.17
RBC U.S. Dividend Fund Series A4,097.417.611.0-3.41.942.09-0.15
Desjardins Canadian Bond Fund A Class4,079.853.14.7-1.61.571.63-0.06
Investors U.S. Large Cap Value Fund Series C4,033.336.711.0-4.42.962.950.01
PH&N High Yield Bond Fund Series D3,975.547.210.5-3.20.870.870.00
Portfolio Series Balanced Fund Class A3,937.134.77.1-2.42.432.45-0.02
RBC Managed Payout Solution Series A3,831.624.24.9-0.71.631.630.00
TD Canadian Value Fund - Inv3,774.162.24.6-
RBC Global High Yield Bond Fund Series A3,648.876.410.5-4.01.811.790.02
Scotia Partners Growth Portfolio Series A3,521.775.37.4-2.22.332.43-0.10
RBC Canadian Equity Income Fund Series A3,519.2311.
Franklin Bissett Canadian Equity Fund Series A3,471.895.
Signature Canadian Bond Fund Class A3,345.953.34.7-1.41.691.680.01
Allegro Balanced Portfolio Series C3,335.842.97.1-4.22.662.68-0.02
Harbour Growth & Income Fund Class A3,233.452.87.1-4.32.432.44-0.01
Fidelity Income Allocation Fund Series A3,176.335.
Investors Canadian Bond Fund Series C3,174.933.14.7-1.61.811.810.00
Signature Corporate Bond Fund Class A3,152.395.510.5-
Mawer Balanced Fund Series A3,
Trimark Income Growth Fund Series A3,077.885.
RBC North American Value Fund Series A3,074.787.
Renaissance Optimal Income Portfolio Class A3,074.744.54.9-0.41.981.970.01
Scotia Partners Balanced Growth Portfolio Series A2,992.674.77.1-
MDPIM Canadian Equity Pool (Series A)2,975.104.14.6-0.51.371.370.00
TD U.S. Blue Chip Equity Fund - Investor Series2,973.9210.911.0-0.12.402.54-0.14
Scotia Diversified Monthly Income Fund Series A2,970.964.74.9-0.21.461.47-0.01
Mawer Canadian Equity Fund Series A2,907.708.
BMO U.S. Equity Fund Series A2,865.968.411.0-2.62.492.490.00
RBC Global Dividend Growth Fund Series A2,822.145.37.7-
CIBC Managed Income Portfolio Class A2,802.813.54.9-1.31.801.800.00
Black Creek Global Leaders Fund A2,775.599.
CIBC Managed Balanced Portfolio Class A2,774.374.27.1-
Fidelity Global Monthly Income Fund Series B2,766.655.67.1-
CIBC Canadian Bond Fund Class A2,751.584.04.7-0.71.431.46-0.03
Investors Canadian Large Cap Value Fund Ser C2,735.122.44.6-2.32.942.940.00
Canadian Fixed Income Pool Class A2,694.702.74.7-2.02.352.38-0.03
Signature Select Canadian Fund Class A2,687.
Portfolio Series Income Fund Class A2,636.635.36.4-
RBC Managed Payout Solution - Enhanced - Series A2,621.624.44.9-0.41.831.830.00
Dynamic Equity Income Fund Series A2,561.
CIBC Canadian Short-Term Bond Index Fund Class A2,527.112.14.7-
Investors Mutual of Canada Series C2,525.002.84.9-2.02.832.85-0.02
Fidelity Canadian Growth Company Fund Series A2,509.
RBC Canadian Equity Fund Series A2,487.753.04.6-1.71.892.06-0.17
Mackenzie Cundill Value Fund Series A2,449.993.57.7-4.22.502.59-0.09
Allegro Balanced Growth Portfolio Ser C2,437.694.37.4-3.22.762.81-0.05
BMO Canadian Equity Fund Series A2,433.143.94.6-0.82.392.390.00
Total Top 100 assets566,764.81Averages:-0.851.98632.0391-0.0528
Total mutual fund assets at Dec. 31, 20171,477,100
Top 100 percentage share of total fund assets38.4

Fundata Canada Inc.; Fund company documents

*Returns and fees shown for the fund series with the longest history, excluding those specifically for fee-based accounts and for institutional accounts. // Notes: Benchmarks are widely followed stock and bond indexes, or blends of indexes, as chosen by Fundata. MERs as per the latest management report of fund performance for each fund. Rounding may affect some of the fee and MER comparisons.

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