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The S&P/TSX Composite eased lower by 0.3 per cent for the trading week ending with Friday’s close and now stands 3.9 per cent higher for 2022. In term of technical analysis, the benchmark’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 55 is close to the mid-way point between the oversold buy signal of 30 and the overbought RSI sell signal of 70.

The list of six oversold, technically attractive index members includes a major bank this week. In order, the most oversold stocks are Richelieu Hardware Ltd., TFI International Inc., Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Home Capital Group Inc., Corus Entertainment Inc. and Equitable Group Inc.

The table of overbought, technically vulnerable TSX companies trading with RSIs above 70 is much longer at 27 members. The five most extended S&P/TSX Composite stocks are dominated by defensive names. They are Hydro One Ltd., Canadian Utilities Inc., Intertape Polymer Group Inc., Atco Ltd. and Fortis Inc.

There are 29 index companies showing strong price momentum by hitting new 52-week highs and they are sorted by market capitalization in the table below. The five largest stocks making new highs are Enbridge Inc., Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., TC Energy Corp., BCE Inc. and Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.

There are two stocks hitting new 52-week lows, Element Fleet Management Corp. and Dye & Durham Ltd.

Stocks jumping to 52-week highs

Return 1W %Return YTD %Market Cap
ENB-TENBRIDGE INC1.0820.76118,416,757,752
TRP-TTC ENERGY CORP3.2526.9971,463,122,761
BCE-TBCE INC4.2612.7666,712,845,700
T-TTELUS CORP3.3316.6847,368,373,231
WCN-TWASTE CONNECTIONS INC4.185.8546,704,183,617
IMO-TIMPERIAL OIL LTD4.3041.6242,189,511,168
CVE-TCENOVUS ENERGY INC4.3942.8841,772,773,814
L-TLOBLAW COMPANIES LTD6.1913.9739,268,960,258
PPL-TPEMBINA PIPELINE CORP2.2928.8027,048,356,622
WN-TWESTON (GEORGE) LTD5.1310.4023,593,429,007
TOU-TTOURMALINE OIL CORP3.3055.0020,059,460,974
SJR-B-TSHAW COMMUNICATIONS INC-B1.343.5419,651,421,585
EMP-A-TEMPIRE CO LTD 'A'3.9418.2112,126,394,778
ARX-TARC RESOURCES LTD2.4053.2511,671,466,303
CU-TCANADIAN UTILITIES LTD-A2.908.5410,573,257,915
ALA-TALTAGAS LTD6.0011.018,413,292,310
SSRM-TSSR MINING INC3.0928.436,110,172,715
POU-TPARAMOUNT RESOURCES LTD -A1.6930.624,258,836,254
PSK-TPRAIRIESKY ROYALTY LTD1.5431.794,140,838,818
TPZ-TTOPAZ ENERGY CORP2.8224.383,028,521,008
BIR-TBIRCHCLIFF ENERGY LTD9.4647.132,452,175,190
PEY-TPEYTO EXPLORATION & DEV CORP4.7952.652,344,125,034
OGC-TOCEANAGOLD CORP5.5039.552,225,306,754
NWC-TNORTH WEST CO INC/THE5.0016.591,903,970,575
AAV-TADVANTAGE ENERGY LTD13.6337.251,895,885,877
SII-TSPROTT INC1.5014.761,690,199,071

Stocks falling to 52-week lows

Return 1W %Return YTD %Market Cap
DND-TDYE & DURHAM LTD-15.18-51.931,464,394,413

Overbought and oversold stocks

OVERSOLD STOCKSRSIPrice200DMAReturn 1W %Return YTD %PE Ratio TTMPE Ratio Fwd
RCH-TRICHELIEU HARDWARE LTD20.3440.7144.43-6.43-5.3215.24#N-A N-A
TFII-TTFI INTERNATIONAL INC25.96105.46132.32-17.32-26.6215.9612.85
CM-TCAN IMPERIAL BK OF COMMERCE26.84147.92150.33-3.060.539.829.74
HCG-THOME CAPITAL GROUP INC26.9435.3639.06-6.22-8.527.406.85
CJR-B-TCORUS ENTERTAINMENT INC-B SH28.434.575.41-5.51-1.566.045.60
EQB-TEQUITABLE GROUP INC30.3965.3873.82-7.24-2.626.137.22
OVERBOUGHT STOCKSRSIPrice200DMAReturn 1W %Return YTD %PE Ratio TTMPE Ratio Fwd
H-THYDRO ONE LTD84.2534.8631.413.608.5421.6521.36
CU-TCANADIAN UTILITIES LTD-A84.0039.3135.612.908.5424.8417.84
ITP-TINTERTAPE POLYMER GROUP INC82.9739.7328.650.0051.6621.9515.59
ACO-X-TATCO LTD -CLASS I81.3444.7442.144.236.3029.4013.80
FTS-TFORTIS INC79.8464.5557.922.976.8224.9922.97
RCI-B-TROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC-B78.9673.8463.002.9122.9620.4418.63
EMA-TEMERA INC77.9264.3459.402.563.1916.3121.09
T-TTELUS CORP76.9034.4129.583.3316.6832.2228.00
BCE-TBCE INC76.8873.2965.184.2612.7622.8321.82
WCN-TWASTE CONNECTIONS INC75.94181.72163.024.185.8551.1038.61
RNW-TTRANSALTA RENEWABLES INC75.4819.1719.043.693.3734.2027.74
PSI-TPASON SYSTEMS INC74.7116.4610.612.2144.9242.3422.42
L-TLOBLAW COMPANIES LTD73.63117.6994.876.1913.9721.5518.82
WN-TWESTON (GEORGE) LTD73.58160.69137.885.1310.4020.0417.32
KEY-TKEYERA CORP73.4533.5130.675.1318.2818.5118.90
QBR-B-TQUEBECOR INC -CL B73.1231.9630.386.5813.5412.6712.11
TOU-TTOURMALINE OIL CORP73.0860.4141.663.3055.0011.527.85
NWC-TNORTH WEST CO INC/THE73.0039.7835.445.0016.5914.9715.29
ALA-TALTAGAS LTD72.9930.0326.376.0011.0134.6116.30
AQN-TALGONQUIN POWER & UTILITIES72.8919.8018.612.2010.3436.0720.93
IMO-TIMPERIAL OIL LTD72.6662.9544.524.3041.6218.307.47
BIP-UN-TBROOKFIELD INFRASTRUCTURE PA71.6383.5673.390.2510.5439.88181.48
SJR-B-TSHAW COMMUNICATIONS INC-B71.4839.3837.111.343.5419.2725.29
BLX-TBORALEX INC -A71.3140.2336.714.8221.5844.8562.86
EMP-A-TEMPIRE CO LTD 'A'71.2445.8239.633.9418.2119.6215.00
MTY-TMTY FOOD GROUP INC71.1355.4560.387.61-6.5015.5114.93
PPL-TPEMBINA PIPELINE CORP71.0248.9441.052.2928.8018.5218.40
ENB-TENBRIDGE INC70.6158.4351.631.0820.7620.7019.03

Source: Bloomberg

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