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The S&P/TSX Composite endured a bit of a beating for the trading week ending with Friday’s close, falling 3.9 per cent. This wiped out more than half of the year to date return which is now 2.6 per cent.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) for the benchmark at 32 leaves it far closer to the oversold, technically attractive buy signal of 30 than the overbought, RSI sell signal of 70.

Real estate and financials dominate the list of 26 index stocks trading at oversold levels below the RSI buy signal of 30. First Capital REIT is the most oversold stock in the benchmark. Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Montreal and Brookfield Corp. are also among the ten most oversold companies in the index.

There are only two stocks trading at overbought levels above the RSI sell signal of 70 and they are Stella-Jones Inc. and Africa Oil Corp. Stella-Jones is also the only stock showing strong price momentum by hitting a new 52-week high.

There are nine stocks making new 52-week lows and they are sorted by market capitalization in the table below. The five largest companies making new lows are Brookfield Corp., Cogeco Communications Inc., Baytex Energy Corp., Northwest Healthcare Properties REIT and Tilray Brands Inc.

Stocks hitting 52-week highs

Return 1W %Return YTD %Market Cap
SJ-TSTELLA-JONES INC8.8613.913,257,018,708

Stocks falling to 52-week lows

Return 1W %Return YTD %Market Cap
BN-TBROOKFIELD CORP-10.43-2.3667,980,446,785
CCA-TCOGECO COMMUNICATIONS INC-7.59-17.672,785,136,125
BTE-TBAYTEX ENERGY CORP-10.99-17.432,735,548,961
TLRY-TTILRAY BRANDS INC-11.61-8.722,061,906,997
WEED-TCANOPY GROWTH CORP-8.39-9.551,405,491,548
JWEL-TJAMIESON WELLNESS INC-5.57-14.021,252,356,673
CRON-TCRONOS GROUP INC-7.32-22.671,012,330,572

Overbought and oversold stocks on the TSX

OVERSOLD STOCKSRSIPrice200DMAReturn 1W %Return YTD %PE Ratio TTMPE Ratio Fwd
FCR-UN-TFIRST CAPITAL REAL ESTATE IN18.5716.0616.17-7.65-3.70101.0813.97
TD-TTORONTO-DOMINION BANK22.2283.7787.69-5.93-3.399.699.10
JWEL-TJAMIESON WELLNESS INC23.3930.0135.06-5.57-14.0219.1017.94
CCA-TCOGECO COMMUNICATIONS INC23.8362.5078.08-7.59-17.676.556.97
BMO-TBANK OF MONTREAL24.21122.10128.00-6.590.6110.168.90
ENGH-TENGHOUSE SYSTEMS LTD24.3932.7733.07-24.49-8.4920.120.82
BN-TBROOKFIELD CORP24.6141.4948.14-10.43-2.3620.1112.27
PSI-TPASON SYSTEMS INC25.3112.6114.81-9.93-20.899.709.00
MFI-TMAPLE LEAF FOODS INC26.1523.5024.41-16.34-3.89#N/A N/A31.21
TCL-A-TTRANSCONTINENTAL INC-CL A27.0212.9415.87-18.97-
CWB-TCANADIAN WESTERN BANK27.0625.0225.79-5.325.267.337.10
MAG-TMAG SILVER CORP27.3915.2418.07-8.91-27.9440.0120.82
AX-UN-TARTIS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT27.658.4110.23-3.78-5.6516.14#N/A N/A
HCG-THOME CAPITAL GROUP INC27.7141.1032.99-1.32-3.1311.357.62
LIF-TLABRADOR IRON ORE ROYALTY CO27.7431.8931.96-17.04-5.037.679.47
SSRM-TSSR MINING INC28.0717.7920.68-6.22-15.6223.5817.83
IIP-UN-TINTERRENT REAL ESTATE INVEST28.2413.5112.77-7.595.9825.7824.13
CRON-TCRONOS GROUP INC28.282.663.76-7.32-22.67#N/A N/A#N/A N/A
CRR-UN-TCROMBIE REAL ESTATE INVESTME28.4215.4015.93-4.05-2.0228.96#N/A N/A
SIA-TSIENNA SENIOR LIVING INC28.5410.8312.33-2.260.67162.71#N/A N/A
EFR-TENERGY FUELS INC28.677.628.66-15.89-9.07#N/A N/A12.59
SRU-UN-TSMARTCENTRES REAL ESTATE INV28.6826.4427.67-4.34-0.1821.2512.96
QSR-TRESTAURANT BRANDS INTERN29.0783.7979.16-3.83-4.3226.9420.42
AP-UN-TALLIED PROPERTIES REAL ESTAT29.3526.1030.03-6.653.0033.91#N/A N/A
BNS-TBANK OF NOVA SCOTIA29.5365.7372.12-6.050.658.588.29
CIX-TCI FINANCIAL CORP29.8614.0614.53-8.344.077.034.30
SJ-TSTELLA-JONES INC79.4955.2742.298.8613.9114.1013.15
AOI-TAFRICA OIL CORP70.193.082.665.9425.0815.4710.36

Source: Bloomberg