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A look at TSX stocks that have announced dividend cuts, suspensions or cancellations since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

CompanyTickerKey Developments from Feb. 20 to April 28
A&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund AW.UN-TApril 1 dividend cancellation
Accord Financial Corp. ACD-TApril 23 dividend decrease
Ag Growth International Inc. AFN-TApril 15 dividend decrease
AGFiQ Global Infrastructure ETF QIF-TMarch 17 dividend decrease
American Hotel Income Properties REIT LPHOT-UN-TMarch 20 and March 11 dividend decrease
ARC Resources Ltd.ARX-TMarch 16 and March 13 dividend decrease
AutoCanada Inc. ACQ-TApril 20 dividend cancellation
Boston Pizza Royalties Income FundBPF-UN-TMarch 23 dividend cancellation
BRP Inc.DOO-TMarch 20 dividend decrease
CAE Inc. (TSX:CAE)CAE-TApril 6 dividend cancellation
Canfor Pulp Products Inc.CFX-TApril 23 dividend cancellation
Cardinal Energy Ltd. CJ-TMarch 17 dividend cancellation
Cenovus Energy Inc. CVEApril 02 dividend cancellation
CES Energy Solutions Corp. CEU-TApril 16 dividend cancellation; March 12 dividend decrease
Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund CHE-UN-TMarch 11 dividend decrease
Chesswood Group Limited CHW-TApril 20 dividend decrease
Chorus Aviation Inc.CHR-TApril 6 dividend cancellation
Diversified Royalty Corp.DIV-TApril 6 dividend decrease; March 31 dividend decrease
Enerflex Ltd.EFX-TMarch 17 dividend decrease
Freehold Royalties Ltd.FRU-TApril 9 dividend decrease
Gamehost Inc. GH-TMarch 17 dividend cancellation
Income Financial Trust INC-UN-TApril 23 dividend decrease; March 23 dividend decrease; March 20 dividend decrease
Inter Pipeline Ltd. IPL-TMarch 30 dividend decrease
Invesque Inc IVQ-TApril 10 dividend cancellation
Melcor Developments Ltd.MRD-TMarch 25 dividend decrease; March 11 dividend decrease
Melcor Real Estate Investment Trust MR-UN-TMarch 25 dividend decrease
MTY Food Group Inc. MTY-TApril 6 dividend cancellation
Mullen Group Ltd. MTL-TMarch 20 dividend decrease
New Look Vision Group Inc. BCI-TMarch 20 dividend cancellation
NFI Group Inc. NFI-TMarch 23 dividend decrease
Peyto Exploration & Development Corp. PEY-TApril 15 dividend decrease
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp.PZA-TApril 15 dividend decrease
Pro Real Estate Investment Trust PRV-UN-TApril 22 dividend decrease
Recipe Unlimited Corp.RECP-TMarch 24 dividend decrease
Richelieu Hardware Ltd. RCH-TApril 9 dividend cancellation
Secure Energy Services Inc.SES-TApril 16 dividend decrease; March 24 dividend decrease
Shawcor Ltd. SCL-TMarch 16 dividend cancellation
Sir Royalty Income Fund SRV-UN-TMarch 23 dividend cancellation
Surge Energy Inc. SGY-TApril 14 dividend cancellation; March 10 dividend decrease
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc. SWP-TMarch 20 dividend decrease
The Caldwell Partners International Inc. CWL-TApril 3 dividend cancellation
The Keg Royalties Income Fund KEG-UN-TApril 13 dividend decrease
Top 10 Canadian Financial Trust TCT-UN-TMarch 3 dividend decrease
TORC Oil & Gas Ltd.TOG-TMarch 16 dividend decrease
Total Energy Services Inc.TOT-TMarch 12 dividend decrease
Uni-Select Inc. UNS-TApril 20 dividend cancellation
Vermilion Energy Inc..VET-TApril 15 dividend cancellation; March 16 dividend decrease; March 6 dividend decrease
Whitecap Resources Inc WCP-TApril 15 dividend decrease; March 7 dividend decrease

Source: S&P Capital IQ 

Data as of April 28

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