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Cherry Wheel’s Autumn Shopping Event Adds More Fun to Electric Mobility

GetNews - Tue Nov 7, 2023
Presenting the future of urban mobility: Cherry Wheel offers electric scooters for every journey with up to 40% discount deals on all electric transport.

In a grand effort to urge more people towards the eco-friendly revolution, Cherry Wheel, an acclaimed electric mobility provider, invites people to take advantage of their ongoing Autumn Shopping Event. With 26 days to go, this exciting autumn hot-sale wave for electric scooter enthusiasts promises a savings bundle with added gifts and benefits.

The popularity of electric scooters across the globe is growing into a movement that is reshaping urban living across the globe. Cherry Wheel is thrilled to be at the forefront of this shift to eco-conscious transportation, helping urban commuters and e-scooter enthusiasts find the right electric transport for their needs and budget. The electric scooter provider presents exclusive deals on a wide range of high-quality electric scooters, offering people the opportunity to embrace eco-friendly transportation and experience the incomparable thrill of electric mobility.

Consisting of hot deals, gifts, and financing options, the Autumn Shopping Event is set to open doors to the e-scooter movement. With a focus on helping people find the e-scooter suited to their needs, taste, and style, the event includes up to 40% discount deals on all electric scooters available on Cherry Wheel. Not only does the Autumn sale event highlight the store's eclectic range of electric scooters, but it also guarantees customers the best prices to help them redefine their outdoor escapades like never before.

CEO and founder of Cherry Wheel Vadimir Diakov expressed his excitement, saying, “Our Autumn Shopping Event aims to offer the perfect transition to eco-conscious transportation. We at Cherry Wheel understand the dynamics of modern urban life, especially in an ever-changing world. Therefore, we strive to provide solutions that enhance mobility, reduce carbon footprints, and add an exciting flair to your day-to-day movements.”

Beyond the large collection of electric scooters sourced from the best manufacturers, exclusive discount deals, a price match guarantee, and gifts, Cherry Wheel offers financing options, allowing customers to choose their preferred payment method or pay in installments through affirm. Furthermore, Cherry Wheel delivers across the United States, where orders over $100 attract free shipping.

Cherry Wheel also takes the lead with extended warranties of up to 3 years in addition to the standard warranty. The store is committed to ensuring that every urban commuter and e-scooter enthusiast has a smooth and enjoyable transition to electric travel. 

Cherry Wheel’s team is guided by a shared vision - to make electric scooters accessible, affordable, and eventually the standard mode of transportation for all. “Whether you are seeking speed, comfort, functionality, or affordability, our consultants are always happy to help you with your choice and answer all your questions.”

Cherry Wheel remains dedicated to bringing together quality and eco-friendly innovation for exceptional mobility solutions. “At Cherry Wheel, we strive to be your partner in the journey towards sustainable and enjoyable commuting. Join us in making electric mobility the future.” - Diakov

As electric scooters continue to become a common sight in urban landscapes, the Autumn Shopping Event epitomizes Cherry Wheel’s dedication to offering a wide range of electric scooters for a sustainable, innovative, affordable, and enjoyable urban lifestyle. 

With 26 days left on the event calendar, Cherry Wheel urges people to enjoy the ongoing promotions, discounts, and other benefits before autumn’s fiery foliage gives way to the frosty bite of winter.

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