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Building Together: The Co-Founder Experience at Kilo Health

GetNews - Thu Nov 9, 1:28PM CST

With a portfolio of more than 30 in-house and invested products and over 5 million happy customers, Kilo Health offers unrivaled opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to make their mark on the digital health and wellness scene. One of these opportunities is their unique Co-found Program, an initiative that helps to launch and scale new business ventures.

As a startup accelerator, Co-found from Kilo Health invites those with a business idea, some industry experience, and the passion needed to lead these ventures to success. 

By joining the ranks, successful applicants will also become business partners to the second-fastest growing company in Europe, which comes with a whole host of benefits. 

As a co-founder, enthusiastic entrepreneurs can assemble a team of in-house professionals or outside contacts to optimize digital health ideas and drive success. They can jump straight into leading one of Kilo Health’s existing product ideas, or start working on something they’ve cooked up themselves. Either way, Kilo Health has all of the time, resources, and expertise on standby to transform promising business ideas into reality. 

For instance, along with the finance needed to make this happen, co-founders will benefit from a dedicated growth department. With 10 active years behind their belt, over 50 developed projects, and 5 successful releases, growth dep has made it their mission to help Kilo Health turn innovative ideas into successful startups. 

And rather than taking years to deliver these innovations, Kilo’s expertise, resources, and fast thinking means that they can be launched in a matter of months. Take Pulsetto, for example, a wearable vagus nerve stimulator designed to relieve anxiety and improve sleep. 

Vitalijus Majorovas, CEO and Co-founder of this project describes his experience:

“Typically, it takes 2 to 3 years to develop a market-ready wearable device, but with Kilo Health’s bold approach and quick decision-making, we were able to produce the market-ready product within 6 months.”

A proactive approach is highly important in the digital healthcare industry, where new technological trends and innovations are constantly popping up. The market is expected to have an annual growth rate of 10.78% over the next 4 years, resulting in a market volume of $256.30 billion by 2027.

Nonetheless, Kilo Health has an ambitious goal of launching 12 new startups through the Co-found Program in 2023.

For those whose dream is to stand at the forefront of the next  cutting-edge digital health product, applications are open on the Co-found website.

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