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LatamDate Invites Its Users To “Movember”: The Rise of the Moustache

GetNews - Thu Nov 23, 2023

"Movember also affects dating lives as ladies on seem to be more than interested in men with moustache."
“No shave November” is not the only trend in November that encourages men to grow their facial hair. This time LatamDate encourages users to take part in the event and discover all the advantages and responsibilities of growing a moustache.

“No shave November” is not the only trend in November that encourages men to grow their facial hair. This time, “Movember” is taking over. Movember motivates men to grow moustache with the purpose of raising awareness on men’s health issues with a focus on male’s physical and mental health.

Apart from the noble cause and potentially growing funds to support gentlemen suffering from some of the mentioned health issues, Movember also affects dating lives as ladies on seem to be more than interested in men with moustache.

Men’s Interest in Movember

SEGA, a giant digital entertainment platform carried out a study in collaboration with the Movember charity to inspect men’s willingness to embrace the moustache and take part in the event. The results showed that 34% of participants belonging to Generation Z were ready to participate. Apart from the will to raise awareness on health issues, many respondents cited that they would like to emulate a fictional character or a celebrity by growing a moustache. Some of the celebrities themselves showed their moustache on social media, with a famous soccer player Neymar being the one who caused the most reactions with his new style.

Moustache is Coming Back

Full-grown beard has had an advantage over moustache in the last few decades. However, vintage style is slowly returning in the forms of clothing, hairstyles, accessories and other fashion fields. At the same time, moustache are more frequent among men now and they could make a grand comeback. SEGA’s studies reveal that 39% of Generation Z responders think that moustache are “in”.

Women Find moustache Attractive

Although Movember is not precisely about impressing women with a new style, it is interesting to note that 23% of the female respondents said that they find moustache attractive and 14% of them revealed that it is extremely unattractive if a man is not able to grow out facial hair. The main features they associate with the moustache are courage, determination, masculinity, and maturity.

How to Make a Moustache Look Cool?

One of the reasons why moustache may not seem attractive to some women is that many men do not maintain their facial hair properly. Consequently, moustache or beards seem unclean and become unattractive. Ladies don’t like seeing crumbs in men’s facial hair, yellowish moustache in smokers or facial hair getting in the mouths of their male partners. In those cases, the reason behind disliking a moustache or facial hair is not in the appearance itself but rather looking unhygienic and messy.

LatamDate experts advise gentlemen to accept the responsibility of growing facial hair and taking care of it if they want to make their moustache look cool. Proper hygiene plays the biggest role in making the moustache attractive. Also, this addition frequently requires a full upgrade of their appearance. A well-groomed man with a clean and well-kept moustache and, a stylish outfit combining retro and modern styles can be extremely attractive. On top of those upgrades, confidence is more than advised. Growing a moustache implies that the man is daring and brave. This feature is also a synonym for healthy masculinity that women are exceptionally attracted to.

Therefore, Movember can be the turning point for gentlemen ready to embrace a new look that could improve their dating lives unexpectedly. Apart from joining the movement and raising awareness, it is an opportunity for men to discover a style that will generally make them more attractive, self-aware and unique. For that reason, LatamDate professionals encourage readers to take part in the event and discover all the advantages and responsibilities of growing a moustache, something that seems simple but can have a spectacular impact on their social and dating lives and help them boost confidence that directly and indirectly affects their mental health.

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