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EasyWorkforce Rebrands as WorkEasy Software, Reflecting Its Growth and Expansion of Experiences for a Wider Customer Base

GetNews - Fri Dec 1, 2023

EasyWorkforce, the workforce technology company that put the power of intuitive, smart, enterprise-level workforce management in the hands of companies of all sizes, is now WorkEasy Software, with a new logo and visual identity as part of its refreshed and redesigned brand. 

“We’ve carried our past forward by retaining ‘easy’ and ‘work’ from our former name, while our new name, logo, and visual identity acknowledge our growth and evolution over the past several years, as well as how we’re perceived by the market today, and how our customer base and their experiences have evolved,” said CEO and Co-founder Sino Jos.

WorkEasy Software powers game-changing teams everywhere with tools that make it surprisingly easy to track time, manage time off, plan schedules, and stay on top of HR data. Its products and people are trusted by more than 10,000 customers worldwide and have supported industry-leading organizations.

The company’s products also got a renaming to reflect the new company rebranding:

-  WorkEasy Time and Attendance — formerly EasyClocking: powerful time and attendance tracking that makes it easy to handle even the most complex clocking, time tracking, and compensation rules.
-  WorkEasy Scheduling — formerly EasyScheduling: scheduling that’s advanced yet easy, empowering leaders and managers to create, share, and update schedules in minutes, saving everyone time and money.
-  WorkEasy Time Off — formerly EasyTime Off: automated time-off management that removes time off headaches and errors by making the process easy, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and reclaiming lost hours.
-  WorkEasy HR Data Management — formerly EasyHR: centralized HR data so leaders can easily create document templates, prefill fields, require e-signatures, and manage records.

But what matters most, Sino said, is the experiences WorkEasy Software creates for its employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

“It’s about creating “remarkable” moments for people — moments where people realize, sometimes suddenly, that they’re using something that is surprisingly easy to use, has greater value than they expected it to have, and is actually something they’ll talk about,” Sino said.

The new WorkEasy Software logo “tells a story about the kind of experience we want to create for our customers. It’s a story of exploration that starts from within,” Jois said. He explained the new logo began with some sketches he drew, experimenting with the letter “W.” 

“I saw it as a boat setting sail under the Florida sunrise, transporting someone eager to explore what lies beyond,” Sino said. “It tells a story about the kind of experience we want to create for our customers — a story of exploration that starts from within and transports someone eager to explore what lies beyond.”

The new logo and the company’s entire visual identity now have simple lines, a modern shape and form, a smoother texture than its previous brand design, hand-drawn elements, and vibrant color. In fact, the company’s new color palette was inspired by colors in the Florida sunrise — a limited, focused selection centered on orange and violet and anchored in blue. 

About WorkEasy Software

Jumping through hoops isn’t real work. So they make it surprisingly easy to track time, plan time off, manage schedules, and stay on top of HR data. Get back to the real work with WorkEasy Software.

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