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Allub Times Media makes headway as a leading hub for comprehensive Nigerian news updates

GetNews - Tue Jan 9, 3:18PM CST
Allub Times Media, an international news media company, has become a go-to source for the latest Nigerian news updates. With a commitment to delivering fact-based reporting and fostering dialogues across diverse topics, Allub Times has become a powerhouse in the media landscape, attracting over 400,000 monthly visitors, and 250,000 followers on Facebook.

In an era where staying informed is crucial, Allub Times stands out as a reliable and comprehensive source of information. The media outlet covers a wide array of topics, including politics, lifestyle, celebrity news, sports, and health. The platform prides itself on providing news and exclusive tips, making it a one-stop destination for readers seeking a nuanced understanding of current events. 

"Allub Times is not just about reporting news; it's about engaging our audience in meaningful conversations about the issues that matter most. We aim to be a reliable companion for our followers, offering insights and updates on the pulse of Nigeria and the world," a spokesperson from Allub Times said in a recent interview. 

With the ever-evolving landscape of Nigeria, Allub Times recognizes the need for well-rounded coverage that spans national and local news. The platform's dedication to providing 24/7 Nigeria News Updates has garnered significant attention, making it one of the region's most followed international media companies tracking developments.

"Allub Times understands the importance of being a reliable source of information, especially in a dynamic country like Nigeria. Whether it's politics, entertainment, or local happenings, our team is committed to delivering content that adds value to our audience's understanding," the company spokesperson added. 

The Allub Times website serves as a digital hub where followers can access the latest World breaking news, entertainment stories, sports news today and a dedicated section on tips. This diverse range of content includes valuable information such as the best countries for free or universal healthcare, guidelines for businesses applying for the presidential grant scheme, and insights on establishing a successful ushering agency in Nigeria.

"Allub Times is not just about the headlines; it's about empowering our audience with information that can shape decisions and perspectives. Our commitment to unbiased journalism is reflected in our well-trained staff who prioritize delivering news that adds value without any misleading narratives," the spokesperson emphasized.

In its journey towards becoming one of the most trusted and legitimate news sources for the public, Allub Times remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence. The platform aims to establish itself as a beacon of dependability in the media landscape by focusing on updates that contribute to audience knowledge.

Readers who want to check out Allub Times' latest stories may visit its website at and follow its social channels for more information.

About Allub Times 

Founded in 2017 as Allubnews Media, Allub Times currently has a team of Fifteen commissioned writers and editors and a plethora of volunteers from Africa and the United Arab Emirates, where its head office is located. Allub Times is owned and operated by Allubareaka Business Empire Ltd.

Allub Times is an international news media company that provides comprehensive and unbiased news coverage. With a focus on Naija news, Allub Times brings together dialogues about politics, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and health, along with exclusive tips. The platform's commitment to delivering valuable information has earned it a substantial following, making it one of the most followed international media companies covering developments in Nigeria.

Media Contact
Company Name: Allub Times Media
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Phone: +234 706 529 3530
Address:Local Council Development, 826A Phase 1 Omole Estate, Isheri Ojodu
City: Ikeja 100001
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
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