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Kicking Lotus Launches Massage Chair Services for Enterprises in Montreal, Boosting Workplace Wellness and Productivity

GetNews - Tue Feb 27, 10:56AM CST

Kicking Lotus, a fast-growing at-home massage therapy service in Montreal, has unveiled its new services for enterprises in the greater Montreal area and main cities in the province of Quebec. This initiative is designed to help employers set up and run wellness programs that include regular massage therapy activities, workshops, online tools and various workplace enhancements. The young company's growing team of qualified massage therapists provide massages both at home and at the office (on massage chairs or table), aiming to improve physical and psychological health.

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, the health and well-being of employees have become paramount for businesses seeking to enhance productivity and reduce stress and chronic pain-related absenteeism. Addressing this critical need, and building on years of experience in at-home massage therapy, Kicking Lotus has introduced a wellness program tailored for enterprises in Montreal. This straightforward program is strategically developed to integrate easily into any workplace, offering a flexible and effective approach to employee wellness. Employers can sponsor the activities or simply act as a facilitator who simplifies access to massage therapy services at  discounted rates. 

Program Highlights:

The chair massage service for enterprises by Kicking Lotus is set apart by its focus on accessibility, minimal disruption to the workday, and significant health benefits. By providing short, effective massage sessions, the service aims to alleviate the physical and psycological strains that often accompany office work, leading to improved employee well-being and work performance. The Kicking Lotus take care of everything, from the music selection to schedule management.

Key Benefits of chair massage therapy at work:

Stress Reduction: The program is shown to significantly lower stress levels among employees, fostering a more relaxed and productive workplace atmosphere.

Productivity Boost: Companies that have implemented the chair massage program report a noticeable increase in employee productivity, attributed to reduced physical discomfort and enhanced mental concentration.

Decrease in Absenteeism: Regular massage sessions contribute to a healthier workforce, with participating companies witnessing a reduction in absenteeism due to stress and musculoskeletal issues.

Implementation and Flexibility:

Kicking Lotus’s chair massage program is distinguished by its ease of implementation and hands-on service. Enterprises can customise the program terms to fit their specific needs, ensuring that the activities enhance employee satisfaction without interrupting daily operations.

One of their first enterprise clients shared how incorporating massage sessions into their workplace has been a major win. They mentioned, “Started monthly massages from Kicking Lotus at our place, and wow, what a difference! The impact? Huge. Great for our desk and physical work folks. It's more than just a massage; it's showing the company care and bringing us closer as a team. Like one teammate said, 'Just once a month, but it really does make a difference, I feel so much better and less tense.' It's been awesome for us.' ”

Kicking Lotus team is passionate about wellness and massage therapy:

Kicking Lotus is committed to leading the charge in workplace wellness through top quality specialists, hands on support and well designed tools.

With a focus on quality care and measurable outcomes, Kicking Lotus partners with businesses to create healthier, more vibrant workplaces in Montreal and beyond.

Prices and availabilities for chair massage

Discover the benefits of Kicking Lotus’s chair massage and wellness programs for enterprises. Kicking Lotus currently offers discounted rates to organisations willing to try the wellness program.  Visit to learn more about how this wellness programs and massage therapy can transform the workplace.

Chair Massage Guide

To learn more about the benefits of chair massage for enterprises, MassageSurChaise dot org is a comprehensive guide on chair massage. The guide has detailed information about benefits, prices, enterprise chair massage and massage therapy in Montreal

Kicking Lotus was founded in 2020

Kicking Lotus specialises in mobile wellness services, offering services that cater to the modern workforce’s needs. Through initiatives like the enterprise program, or its in-home massages, Kicking Lotus aims to enhance employee well-being, productivity, and overall company performance.

For further information about the chair massage services

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